Top Mutabag/Foul/Tamees/Masoub Hotspots in Jeddah

Aabiya Noman Baqai

Writer and Editor at Destination Jeddah


Ramadan is around the corner and in addition to our spiritual preparations, our stomachs are just in line. There’s a certain taste to ramadan, and knowing the importance of classics in this month, we introduce some of the most loved foul places in Jeddah broken down to their staples:

  1. Tayibat Hijaz: 6/10

Location: Al Wamdah, Al-Khalidiyah Dist.
Price range: SR 7 – 15

They have a great takeout menu, and they take orders on the phone with excellent packaging and timing. Recommended for takeout orders, and mutabag available throughout working hours.


Foul: 6/10

Classic flavor, not much added, with the bean taste overly prominent.

Tamees 7/10

Great texture, dough flavor is well balanced, and perfect to accompany fool.

Mutabag meat 8/10

pefect texture, not too oily, the filling to dough ratio was perfect. The seasoning needs a little more oomph, but it remains flavorful even when eaten cold.

Mutabag vegetables 6.5/10

The taste of egg overpowered the vegetables that they were unnoticeable, but regardless the texture and overall flavor was impressive.

Masoub 7/10

Great prominent banana flavor, without being too sickly sweet, lacked texture as it became soggy quickly.

  1. Malik Al Falafel: 7.3/10

Falafel-al-malikLocation: Nur Al Yusr, Al-Khalidiyah Dist.
Price range: SR 5 – 10

A town favorite, with a tiny shop that always has a queue around it. May be a greasy choice, but EXTREMELY worth it.


Falafel 10/10

Consistently good, each morsel is filled with flavorful ground vegetables and chickpeas. You can taste a sharp flavor of coriander that lifts up the chickpeas to a whole new level. Even though it is heavy and oily, it does not overpower the green taste. Extremely recommended to eat fresh, otherwise oil will become overpowering and they’ll get soggy.

Falafel sandwiches 8/10

Filled with greens, I recommend you have it with chili in as the tang compliments the flavor of falafel. Very well balanced with the sour tahini against the salty falafel and fries. Extremely filling!

French fries 4/10

Extremely oily, but somehow the mushy saltines is satisfying within the sandwich.

  1. Foul Al Ghamdi: 7.7/10

Location: Hilmi Kutbi, Al Zahra Dist.
Price Range: SR 3 – 9

This place is great value for money, especially in terms of its amazing flavor. Mutabag is served only after Maghreb prayer.


Foul 9/10

Full of flavor, with added tomatoes and a perfect dash of cumin, perfect for one’s who don’t enjoy an overpowering black eyed beans flavor.

Tamees 9/10

Perfect texture, flavorful dough and isn’t too sweet. Tastes best when piping hot.

Masoub 5/10

Overpoweringly sweet with a barely there banana flavorful, it’s not worth the calories.

  1. Foul Fattah: 8.5/10

fool-fatah-2Location: Al Dahab, Al Balad Dist.
Price Range: SR 5 – 15

A favorite around town, considered a historical monument in old Jeddah. Highly recommend eating there after walking around old town. Most dishes there are recommended, so enjoy spreading a feast without burning a hole in your wallet.


Foul 8/10

The flavor is well balanced with its classic flavor, perfectly seasoned.

Tamees 9/10

Recommend having it straight out of the oven, delicious dough, with a perfect texture.

Masoub 8/10

Not too sweet, perfect ratio of ingredients.

Mutabag Meat 9/10

Perfect filling to dough ratio, perfectly seasoned, and the texture is just right.

  1. Foul Abbas: 9.5/10


Photo Credit: Jeddah Food

Location: Bani Malik St.
Price Range: SR 6 – 10

One of the most famous foul places in Jeddah, it is part of its heritage. It has been run by the same family since its opening 40 years ago, and has been consistent ever since. It is a tiny space, that’s always crowded, with a very small menu that is done very well.


Foul 9.5/10

Mixture of tomato cumin and lemon perfectly balanced, with an extremely luxurious olive oil drizzled on top.

Tamees 9.5/10

It has the right texture, the dough itself is flavorful, which compliments the fool just perfectly.

  1. Foul Al Ameer: 9.5/10

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Location: Zahrat Al Aysun, Al-Hindaweyyah Dist.
Price Range: SR 6

One of the oldest monuments of town, this place has been within the family for 70 years since it opened in its initial location. The style of making the foul has been so consistent that a maximum of three pots are made each day. They open from Fajur prayer and close after the foul runs out.


Foul 9.5/10

One of the few places that still maintain to import their beans from Egypt, the flavor is classic and perfectly seasoned and well balanced, with not much additives.

  1. Masoub Al Qadri: 7/10

Location: Al Ruwais Dist., in front of IMC
Price Range: SR 1 – 5

A mainstream favorite, Masoub Al Qadri is a popular spot with different branches around Jeddah, offering some of the best Muttabag in town.


Masoub 4/10

Disappointing given that the place is named after it, it could use a lot more flavor.

Foul 6/10

A fulfilling amount of black-eyed peas with great texture. However, the salt levels are a bit on the higher side, almost overpowering the rest of the flavors.

Tamees 8/10

A fresh out-of-the-oven bread that has one of the best textures. It’s impeccable for some cheat bites before reaching home.

Mutabag 9/10

Contains the perfect vegetable to bread ratio with unforgettable taste. One of the best choices out there in terms of taste and packaging. Available after Maghreb Prayer.

  1. Thamarat: 8/10

Location: Tahliya Dist., next to Danube Market
Price Range: SR 10 – 15

More on the luxury pricing side, Thamarat makes its food worth the increased prices.


Masoub 8/10

Very light on the stomach and full of flavor, you can easily devour many unnoticeably.

Tamees 7/10

A bit tasteless in terms of the dough, but the addition of sesame seeds makes up for it.

Foul 8/10

You will NOT be disappointed with its flavor, especially with its array of additives and seasonings.

Mutabag available after Maghrib Prayer.

  1. Al Ayoubi: 10/10

Location: Obhur Al Shamaliya Dist.
Price Range: 5 – 15

A completely different take on traditional breakfasts, Al Ayoubi is the go-to place for some traditional family dining. It has both a single and family section, in addition to a huge variety of Futoor eats that are bound to make you return. The interior design and decorations are the cherry on top.


Tamees 9/10

Cheese tamees is the best thing that has happened since the first rip of tamees fell into the pot of foul of our ancestors.

Foul 10/10
Top dish of the place, Foul consists of two options, one with chili and cheese, and the other with a smoked flavor – both a must-try from the menu.

Mutabag 10/10

There is no need to squeeze lemon on top because of how flavorful the entire Mutabag experience is.

  1. Nakhat Zaman: 8/10

Nakhat-ZamanLocation: Off Falasteen Rd., Al Hamra Dist.
Price Range: SR 5 – 7

Only offers food options after or for Maghreb. Nakhat Zaman is another great choice for some traditional eats.


Masoub 8/10

Light on the stomach, with just the right amount of mushy sweetness.

Tamees 7.5/10

Very soft with the right texture of dough. Could just use a little bit more flavor.

Foul 8/10

Great flavor and combination of tomatoes in the mix, giving the foul an edge.

Mutabag 8.5/10

Both the meat and vegetarian options make sure that the bread doesn’t overpower the filling or vice versa.

  1. Bane’ma: 8/10

Location: Prince Sultan Rd.
Price Range: SR 1 – 6

Their open kitchen is what motivates everyone to stop by, so you can witness the freshly baked goods in the making.


Masoub 8/10

Light on the stomach and just the right amount of soft sweetness.

Tamees 7.5/10

Very soft with the right texture of dough. Could just use a little bit more flavor.

Foul 8/10

Great flavor and combination of tomatoes in the mix, giving the foul an edge.

Mutabag 8.5/10

Both the meat and vegetarian options make sure that the bread doesn’t overpower the filling or vice versa.

  1. Falafel Shamia: 7.5/10

falafel-shamiaLocation: Obhur Al Shamaliya Dist.
Price Range: SR 10

Everything and anything with falafel, Falafel Shamia is the place to go when you’re hanging out in the Northern districts. You can even combine this with a meal from Al Ayoubi, which happens to be right across.


Falafel Sandwich 7.5/10

Fresh, juicy and flavorful falafel wrapped in fresh khubz. Could use more additions of other vegetables and fries.

  1. Abu Zaid: 7.5/10

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Location: Al Tawbah St., Hera St. / Corniche Rd.
Price Range: 15-30

Downright the city’s favorite, Abu Zaid is pretty much everyone’s go to place when anyone asks for Foul or Mutabag. You shall not be disappointed, may it be the taste, the variety or even the myriad of branches.


Masoub 9/10

Considered the best Masoub in town. Soft, sweet and well blended.

Tamees 7/10

It is one of those tamees’s that do not become chewy when cold. It is almost like a thick naan, making it a fulfilling experience.

Foul 6/10

Heavy in black eyed peas, the foul’s texture can become too thick sometimes, making the tamees and foul combination a bit too much.

Mutabbag 6/10

The vegetarian Mutabag was better than the meat one. The meat one can be overpowering, almost taking away from the bread’s flavor.

Let us know about some of your top Iftar/futoor hotspots for traditional foul/tamees eats.

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