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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Here's Where You Can Get Jeddah's Best Bread

Here's Where You Can Get Jeddah's Best Bread
By Sohila El Saadany

Have you been taking bread for granted thinking it all tastes the same, that bread is bread no matter what bakery you go to?  Well, you are in for a surprise with  this bread anatomy.



Cereal Badine
Cereal nestled in slices of this bread give the right amount of chunkiness to the insides. The cereal badine is a bit dry, but would be heavenly with mint tea.
Inside: Correct Chunkiness
Crust: Apply some moisturizer to this dry crust.

Eating this bread takes you to Italy, a journey to its birthplace. Biting into ciabtta bread results in a creamy palate party. Its broad shape is perfect for spread cheese.
Inside: Smooth sailing
Crust: Soft shell

Olive Flute
The warm bread embedded with tiny slices of olives was a real treat. Although the crust was hard, the chewy middle engulfed in olive bits made up for it.
Inside: Fluffy
Crust: Tuning a rough flute here

Cheese Roll
Here is a meal in itself,  a mushy bread roll sprinkled with cheese. After heating, the cheese leaves a bit of an aftertaste. It does not ruin the roll, but doesn’t add any bonuses either.
Inside: Lean loaf
Crust: Not rock but roll



5 Cereal Loaf
This loaf is a combination of a crispy crust and soft insides. The tenderness of the loaf however, goes really well with the contrasting texture of the five types of hard seeds ingrained in the dough.
Inside: A soft nest of seeds
Crust: Crunchy captain crust

Tim Hortons


Bagels are known to be donuts’ more natural looking cousins. Tim Horton’s bagels however are going to redeem their status as baked goods in a league of their own. Whether plain or topped with sesame, the bagels are chewy and tender.
Inside: Cottony bliss
Crust: Pillowy

Simit Sarayi


Turkey is around the corner. Bite into this bronze sphere of delight.
Inside: Munch on
Crust: Sesame showers

Al Forn


In need for the perfect French toast dish? Head to Al Forn and grab some honey or syrup on your way back.
Inside: Cotton candy puff
Crust: Thin surroundings

Thyme and Cheese Baguette
The thyme and cheese covering the top result in a color combination that makes mouths water. The appearance sets a really high bar that the taste doesn’t seem to reach though. The baguette needs more grated cheese for a stronger flavor.
Inside: Softie at heart
Crust: Crisp cut-in

Al Nakheel


Burger-like buns from Al Nakheel are what buns are all about. A bit more elongated than normal ones, these are cushiony and very well baked. The dough has risen into a perfectly shaped loaf that contains a hint of sweetness.
Inside: Sponge Bob would be proud
Crust: Smooth and mushy

Bab Al Yemen


Thyme Flat Bread
Enjoy a taste explosion of thyme as this bread is baked on fire logs. You can have other options like stuffed cheese bread or just plain for you to fill it your way.
Inside: Chew on layers of yumminess
Crust: Set ablaze



Milano Bread
This bread is far from plain or boring. The dough is mixed in with spices that give it an exotic flavor. There is even a hint of spicy in there, but nothing too hot.
Inside: Spice surprise
Crust: Crunchy Milano



This brown loaf topped with sesame and black seed is not only delicious but mushy as well.It goes perfectly with fool.
Inside: Brittle
Crust: Crumbly crust

Ajwa Bread
What can be better than bread that looks like the sun? Bread that has ajwa filling and looks like the sun. Emad’s bread hides the ajwa in its inside stuffing and pleasantly surprises you with it.
Inside: Ajwa revelation
Crust:Round and pointed



Its unique shape is enough to get people curious to try it. Looking like a giant earring, the brown round  ka’ak is slim for people who prefer thin baked goods. If stuffed with different types of chredded cheese, the ka’ak puts the three cheesed pizza to shame.
Inside: Flat as a plank
Crust: Thin and yummy


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