Who Needs a Library

Cafés to sit and get working.

Haseer Café

Glass exteriors bringing in natural light.

Glass exteriors bringing in natural light.

Haseer is that no fuss, no muss coffee spot. With minimal interiors that lean towards an effortless industrial feel, the setup is perfect to for just plopping your laptop on the table and starting your work as you order copious amounts of coffee to sustain you until you meet that deadline or finish that project.

Bonus Point: Glass exteriors bringing in natural light.

Location: Zaid Ibn Al Khattab St., Olaya, Khobar
Web: hasseer.com

Big Chefs

Whether you’re working over coffee, or intending to nest-in working for the next eight hours, then this is the place for you. Carefully detailed tea and coffee plates that will make you feel like you’re treating yourself to a special occasion, there’s also a range of modern Turkish foods in case you needed to fuel up. All of this is wrapped up in a retro yet cozy space with bookshelves and comfy cushions.

Bonus Point: Accessible electricity outlets for your laptops.

Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd St., Khobar
Web: bigchefsksa.com

Qaf Café

qafcafe_cafestostudyin_khobar_2017_aa-1The ambience of this place will hit you as soon as you step inside. Open spaces with daylight reaching every corner and floor-based electricity plugs next to tables as well as beside the high chairs facing the glass-walls makes this the place perfect for a take-root and focus kind of mode.

Bonus Point: Access to free refreshing flavored water at their bar at all times.

Location: 21 St., Olaya, Khobar
Web: qafcoffee.com
Instagram: qafcoffee

Social Network

They’ve got private rooms if you prefer working in solitude.

They’ve got
private rooms
if you prefer working in

Regardless of how picky you get with your work-mode setups, this place will probably be suitable for you. We’re all for the openness of the place as well as the comfy cushions and outlets along the walls of the cafe.

Bonus Point: They’ve got private rooms if you prefer working in solitude.

Location: Bashar Ibn Burd St., Khobar
Instagram: sncafe


starbuckes_cafestostudyinn_dammam_2017_aa-1Free Wi-Fi, convenient working hours, partitions for more working privacy and variant seating options from sofas to chairs with higher tables. It’s Starbucks, so we all know the coffee is quality.

Bonus Point: You can use the outdoor area upstairs during winter for a change of atmosphere.

Location: Ibn Khaldoun Mall, Airport Rd., Dammam

Baker’s Boutique

Tasty variety of drinks and in-house baked goods.

Tasty variety
of drinks and in-house
baked goods.

This place opens from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 12 a.m. The late hours are especially convenient for your study habits. We appreciate the comfortable height of their tables, the thorough lighting during the day and the accessibility to electricity plugs right from your tables.

Bonus Point: Tasty variety of drinks and in-house baked goods.

Location: Prince Turki St., Al Yarmouk, Khobar
Instagram: bakersboutiqueksa

Gloria Jeans Café

Welcome to Sharqiya’s first branch of what is considered the Dunkin’ Donuts of Sydney, Australia. It’s very quiet, good Wi-Fi, and has private sitting areas that area ideal for study groups.

Bonus Point: Has a great location with minimal traffic around it.

Location: Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Rd., Ash Shati Al Gharbi, Dammam
Instagram: gloria_jeans_dammam

Green Seeds

This place has a good recipe for studying/working. It’s kids’ friendly thanks to its playing corner, has a mini library if you’re in the mood for reading quietly over a cup of coffee, and is surprisingly quiet. We love the efficient lighting, free Wi-Fi and the great parking lot.

Bonus Point: You can even borrow and take home a book from their library.

Location: Khaleej Rd., Qatif
Instagram: greenseedscoffee

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