The Most Popular Online Shopping Websites that Satisfy your Cravings when you’re too Busy to Go Out


By Fatema Quresh

Our lives completely revolve around our phones now. We track all activities over our phones. So, of course shopping online comes as no surprise. Here are the most popular websites used by the busy people of Jeddah.

Souq has become a popular website source, it’s a one stop shop kind of place. Phones, phone accessories, men’s and women accessories are just few of the things it has to offer. It even allows you to sell second hand phones. The deals that Souq has to offer are pretty amazing making it a tough competitor for retail outlets.



The main difference between Souq and Namshi is basically that the latter is all about men and women clothing, perfumes and accessories. They now even have an app making shopping online more convenient.



Markavip is one of Namshi’s biggest competitors. They target a similar market offering the same products. The main advantage it has over Namshi is more brands to them.



Pricena allows you to compare prices of any products such as clothing, household items and electronics. So how does this price comparison work? Well, you search for the desired products, then the website will compare the prices of all local websites and give you the prices in an ascending order. A very unique concept for offering the best prices, huh!



Cobone is one of the most popular websites to get amazing deals and discounts for almost any dining place, skin specialist, dentist, beautician and more. Coupons are displayed in order of what service/product has the most percentage of. It’s a site that can get you hooked up to the most incredible deals.



Glittersinc is an upcoming website that offers a pretty good deal on beauty products; the prices of the goods are pretty nominal. The delivery timings are incredible and their personalized packaging is pretty cool.



Hotspot for Jeddahwis to visit during summer


We looked for four diverse places that Jeddahwis love hanging out at. Here are the results!

1. Stationary Fantasies (Kids Only)

Looking to cool off from the summer heat this season? Search no further; Stationary Fantasies is the place for you.

Complete with a water park, kids activity center, a fishing pond, various art workshops, and even a shopping center, Stationary Fantasies is the perfect stop for an engaging family outing. There is even a toddler room, specifically designed so the little ones don’t get left behind!
In addition to daytime visits, Stationary Fantasies also welcomes groups to host parties within their designated party rooms.

Address: Prince Sultan Rd.
Facebook: Jeddah Park
Telephone: (055) 616-6591

Credit: desertdiaries

Credit: desertdiaries

Intenso (10+)

Located in Serafi Mega Mall, Intenso is a hot amusement spot amongst our teens.

Fully equipped with snooker tables, play stations and car racing, this is the perfect zone for older kids to unwind and have some fun! Also included, are a wide array of challenging games, bowling lanes, and an entertainment area.


Credit: TripAdvisor

Location: Serafi Mega Mall, Al Tahlia St. (King Fahd St.)
Phone Number: (012) 284-4991

Al Saif Beach

A relatively new opening, Al Saif Beach has quickly become the ideal relaxation spot for families. Wide walkways overlook the clear shores, allowing for a pristine view of the sparkling water, like no other.

Keep in mind that there aren’t many kiosks or restaurants around, so be sure to come prepared!

Location: Jeddah 22712, near South Corniche
Phone Number: (059) 304-3534



Café Ceramique

A merge between a restaurant and a ceramic-painting studio, this Café is definite go-to for the artsy minds!

While there, you can grab a cool drink from the diverse menu while you paint your masterpiece.

Location: King Abdulaziz Service Rd, Al-Zahra’a, Jeddah 23424
Facebook: Café Ceramique 

Credits: jeddahforkids

Credits: jeddahforkids

Where do you love hanging out?


Increase Ibadah and Reap the fruit of this month


Knowing the importance of this blessed month, we need to prepare, so that we can increase in ibadah and gain the most from it.

Here is a list of ways to reap the fruits of this month,

1) First and foremost, we need to draw nearer to Allah and have an increase in iman. Some of the aspects by which we can achieve this is:

  • Pondering on the creation of Allah.
  • Reading the seerah and the stories of our Prophet’s.

2) Make dua to Allah to help us maximize our ibadah and to reap the reward of it.

3) To raise our standard of doing good, whether by doing more, or better the quality of what we already do.

4) Avoiding evil: Abstain from ghaibah, lying, and other evil deeds

5) Dedicating time daily for Quran: Read it, try to understand, read a tafseer or translation as well.

6) Attending halaqas and listening to Islamic lectures that are iman boosting.

7) Utilizing the early hours of the morning: the morning hours are known for having barakah.

In conclusion, let’s hope and pray for Allah’s mercy during this time of Ramadan and focus on the lasting transformation of our hearts and souls and make dua to HIM to make all our good deeds only and solely for HIM.


Fashion Trends For Spring, It’s All About Braids


For the spring season, we are loving braids. Vikings might have started the trend and Abu Baker (RAH) used to style his long hair in 4 braids and now years later, in the 21st century,the Olsen twins have rocked braids for almost a decade and more and currently the catwalk models are bringing it back. We thought it was only right for us to share some of our favorite braid hairstyle inspirations with you. We’ve got short and long hair covered, and if you prefer half open half closed, we have that too.

Inspirations for closed hairstyles; short, medium and long:

closed braids


If you prefer half updos , whether it be with short or long hair, these hairstyles are perfect for their versatility. From a boho look to a more Roman Goddess Grecian beach or even glamorous look:


Here are some picture tutorials to help you create the look step by step:




Here are some tutorials from hair bloggers (who knew they’re so easy to do):

Have a look and let us know which are your favorite, and which ones you would actually do.


Are you a die-hard Apple fan? Does Android send you all Googley-eyed. This is the ultimate smartphone operating system battle. Now, get ready…

Voice Commands on Android vs. iOS: Google Now vs Siri:


Photo Credit:

The newer version of iOS Siri is proactive, which means that it checks who you contact the most and which apps are frequently used and then provides shortcuts to those contacts and apps. It also has a better and smarter Siri, which provides relevant results. Unlike Google Now, Siri has a “personality” (like the sorting hat from Harry Potter).

sorting hat

Android has Google Now (Siri’s huge competitor) and it is more reliable than Siri, as it provides accurate results. Google Now works behind the scenes and collects all the relevant information about the user and uses that content to give a more personalized result, hence being more accurate. Unlike Siri, Google Now requires only voice command to be active, whereas Siri is summoned via pressing the home button.

Winner: Android 

Google map vs. Apple Map:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Apple Map was introduced on iOS only a few years ago, until then most of Apple users relied on Google map to guide them throughout their journey. And it still is does.


Google Maps has been widely regarded as the go-to mapping software. All the Android phones come with Google map as a default. Google uses its own satellite to receive information regarding the map. Google Maps has more coverage in more metropolitan areas than Apple Maps, and more up-to-the-minute adjustments based on real-time delay and scheduling reports. With this small boost, Google’s Map app takes the round.

Winner: Google Map (Android)


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Apple offers software upgrades to all devices that have the hardware capable of handling the new software. This means devices stay current with software features for at least two to three years. When there is an update for Apple phones, users are able to download and install it right onto their devices.

Whereas, when an update is released for Androids, it takes months to reach users and by the time it reaches users, the new version of Android is outdated. It is due to this reason; many (emphasis on MANY) Android users are frustrated.


Winner: iOS


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Apple was the first to introduce us to the App store.Later on, Android introduced us to Google Play Store.  All the apps on Apple need to have a licensed development before being added on the Apple store and therefore are paid. Whereas that is not the case for Android majority of applications on Android play store do not require a licensed development and are hence free. Because of it android is a hot bed for malicious malware that is they expose the phone to security threats. Downloading apps from Android play store is like playing minesweeper.


As this is a major threat, iOS wins this feature.

Winner: iOS


After comparing all the specs, we can reach a conclusion that each has its quirks, plusses and minuses. Things we love, things we hate and things we manage to get over. iOS has better apps, great support for other Apple devices and an easy to use UI. Android has the fantastic Google Now, awesome customization potential, and a wide variety of available devices.
Both phone’s OSes are getting better as the technology is becoming more advanced. Therefore, choosing between them has become less about comparing which OS has better features and more about choosing who to trust with your data, and choosing how you want to live your digital life across smartphones, computers and the web.


Helpful Google extensions

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It’s fascinating how typing into a simple Google toolbar can give you access to millions of information under 0.3 seconds. Pop-up ads and continuous notifications while working can really waste your time. What if Google can turn your daily browsing hassles into your lifesaver. (Available at Google Chrome store)

2000px-UBlock_Origin.svg uBlock Origin

How annoying are those pop-up ads, every time you click on a page; an irritating page pop-ups. This extension will prevent any ads from popping up and you can now live a pop-up free life. You’re Welcome.


dropbox-logo1 StayFocusd

Have you ever experienced working on your laptop, while studying for example, but got distracted by those spellbinding social networking websites and then ended up losing track of time. Well this extension will block all those websites and ensure that you get your work done on time.


KzkSnIZ6uMaqZVys2KV1IV0w7BbzoQxqD_TgMcEifX3vphodFJN3ywyoD0_kpXrazsOY-SdkgQ=s128-h128-e365 Cite this for me

Referencing can be a headache for university students. This extension can help cite any book, journal or websites in several formats including the most well known ones, APA and MLA quickly. So sit back and relax, let this extension do your job.


tumblr_lp11oz3qAS1qa69jlo1_r1_500 Panic Button

Everyone has that day at work when they’re not in a mood for working, so they end up watching several cat videos and during that exact moment your boss decides to show up to check if you are working. It hides all your tabs at once with one single button and restores them later.



This Spring: Electronic Devices To Turn Your Home Into A Cinema


After spending hours in a cramped space working or studying, everybody deserves a good break; luckily spring break is right around the corner thus let the movie marathon begin. The year 2016 has released a spectacular range of movies and the only way to experience them to the fullest is watching them comfortably sitting on a sofa with the sounds vibrating under you feet; the images would suck you into the movie a.k.a a home theater.

Yup it’s time to turn your home into a personal cinema! Here’s your guide that will help you create the cinematic experience:


Depending on your preference, you could use your TV for viewing the movie, but if you want to get a cinematic feel a projector is the way to go. (the bigger, the merrier!!)

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

  • Projectors: Expensive projectors don’t always have the best quality, sometimes the cheaper ones have better qualities.

    Sony DX102: Sony is known for releasing high-end and pricey projectors, but this particular one is super cheap. It’s what we large screen folks have yearned for, deserve and NEED! You can get it from here

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Want something that’ll make your room go BOOM BOOM, well then Creative SBS A550 is the one! These 5 speakers and buffer are perfect for connecting with the TV and creating a cinematic experience. Here is where you can buy the speaker

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

A/V Receiver

In order to control all the speakers and get them to work flawlessly , a receiver is the way to go. Want to go cheap, but have the highest quality too? Creative Sound Blaster X-FI 5.1 is the one you want. Here’s where you can buy this beauty

HDMI cable

Any brand would suffice for this. You can get this cable for SAR 15 to SAR 50, depending on the brand.

Home Theater, Complete set (speakers, player, amplifier)

If you don’t want the fuss of getting the gadgets individually then get whole set and the best one with a reasonable price is:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

  • LG Home Theaters 3D Blu-Ray: This LG home theatre system is crisp, fun, and an excellent means to watch films in the comfort of your own home. You can join the 3D movie craze with its 3D compatibility. You can buy it from here