iOS vs Android..The Ultimate Showdown

Are you a die-hard Apple fan? Does Android send you all Googley-eyed. This is the ultimate smartphone operating system battle. Now, get ready…

Voice Commands on Android vs. iOS: Google Now vs Siri:


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The newer version of iOS Siri is proactive, which means that it checks who you contact the most and which apps are frequently used and then provides shortcuts to those contacts and apps. It also has a better and smarter Siri, which provides relevant results. Unlike Google Now, Siri has a “personality” (like the sorting hat from Harry Potter).

sorting hat

Android has Google Now (Siri’s huge competitor) and it is more reliable than Siri, as it provides accurate results. Google Now works behind the scenes and collects all the relevant information about the user and uses that content to give a more personalized result, hence being more accurate. Unlike Siri, Google Now requires only voice command to be active, whereas Siri is summoned via pressing the home button.

Winner: Android 

Google map vs. Apple Map:

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Apple Map was introduced on iOS only a few years ago, until then most of Apple users relied on Google map to guide them throughout their journey. And it still is does.


Google Maps has been widely regarded as the go-to mapping software. All the Android phones come with Google map as a default. Google uses its own satellite to receive information regarding the map. Google Maps has more coverage in more metropolitan areas than Apple Maps, and more up-to-the-minute adjustments based on real-time delay and scheduling reports. With this small boost, Google’s Map app takes the round.

Winner: Google Map (Android)


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Apple offers software upgrades to all devices that have the hardware capable of handling the new software. This means devices stay current with software features for at least two to three years. When there is an update for Apple phones, users are able to download and install it right onto their devices.

Whereas, when an update is released for Androids, it takes months to reach users and by the time it reaches users, the new version of Android is outdated. It is due to this reason; many (emphasis on MANY) Android users are frustrated.


Winner: iOS


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Apple was the first to introduce us to the App store.Later on, Android introduced us to Google Play Store.  All the apps on Apple need to have a licensed development before being added on the Apple store and therefore are paid. Whereas that is not the case for Android majority of applications on Android play store do not require a licensed development and are hence free. Because of it android is a hot bed for malicious malware that is they expose the phone to security threats. Downloading apps from Android play store is like playing minesweeper.


As this is a major threat, iOS wins this feature.

Winner: iOS


After comparing all the specs, we can reach a conclusion that each has its quirks, plusses and minuses. Things we love, things we hate and things we manage to get over. iOS has better apps, great support for other Apple devices and an easy to use UI. Android has the fantastic Google Now, awesome customization potential, and a wide variety of available devices.
Both phone’s OSes are getting better as the technology is becoming more advanced. Therefore, choosing between them has become less about comparing which OS has better features and more about choosing who to trust with your data, and choosing how you want to live your digital life across smartphones, computers and the web.

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