Helpful Google Applications (minion edition)

The ultimate guide on must have Google Application that you can not simply live without!

  • Google photos– to backup your picture automatically. The cool thing about this app is that it recognizes faces and you can search accordingly , did I mention that once photos are backed up you can delete the original ones from your phone hence increasing your storage!
  • Google Drive– Going for work or travelling carrying you electronic devices such as USB is essential and it can sometimes be a hassle especially if you have like 5-6 USBs! So why not save all your work online which can be accessed literally from anywhere at any time?  
  • Google Keep– used for making notes, audio notes, images and to-do lists. Reminders can be set. Highlight notes with different colors. These can be shared with others.
  • Google Docs and Slides: These are very similar to Microsoft Documents but Google Docs can be created online and saved on the Google Drive. It can also be shared with others.

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