Helpful Google extensions

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It’s fascinating how typing into a simple Google toolbar can give you access to millions of information under 0.3 seconds. Pop-up ads and continuous notifications while working can really waste your time. What if Google can turn your daily browsing hassles into your lifesaver. (Available at Google Chrome store)

2000px-UBlock_Origin.svg uBlock Origin

How annoying are those pop-up ads, every time you click on a page; an irritating page pop-ups. This extension will prevent any ads from popping up and you can now live a pop-up free life. You’re Welcome.


dropbox-logo1 StayFocusd

Have you ever experienced working on your laptop, while studying for example, but got distracted by those spellbinding social networking websites and then ended up losing track of time. Well this extension will block all those websites and ensure that you get your work done on time.


KzkSnIZ6uMaqZVys2KV1IV0w7BbzoQxqD_TgMcEifX3vphodFJN3ywyoD0_kpXrazsOY-SdkgQ=s128-h128-e365 Cite this for me

Referencing can be a headache for university students. This extension can help cite any book, journal or websites in several formats including the most well known ones, APA and MLA quickly. So sit back and relax, let this extension do your job.


tumblr_lp11oz3qAS1qa69jlo1_r1_500 Panic Button

Everyone has that day at work when they’re not in a mood for working, so they end up watching several cat videos and during that exact moment your boss decides to show up to check if you are working. It hides all your tabs at once with one single button and restores them later.


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