The Most Popular Online Shopping Websites that Satisfy your Cravings when you’re too Busy to Go Out

By Fatema Quresh

Our lives completely revolve around our phones now. We track all activities over our phones. So, of course shopping online comes as no surprise. Here are the most popular websites used by the busy people of Jeddah.

Souq has become a popular website source, it’s a one stop shop kind of place. Phones, phone accessories, men’s and women accessories are just few of the things it has to offer. It even allows you to sell second hand phones. The deals that Souq has to offer are pretty amazing making it a tough competitor for retail outlets.



The main difference between Souq and Namshi is basically that the latter is all about men and women clothing, perfumes and accessories. They now even have an app making shopping online more convenient.



Markavip is one of Namshi’s biggest competitors. They target a similar market offering the same products. The main advantage it has over Namshi is more brands to them.



Pricena allows you to compare prices of any products such as clothing, household items and electronics. So how does this price comparison work? Well, you search for the desired products, then the website will compare the prices of all local websites and give you the prices in an ascending order. A very unique concept for offering the best prices, huh!



Cobone is one of the most popular websites to get amazing deals and discounts for almost any dining place, skin specialist, dentist, beautician and more. Coupons are displayed in order of what service/product has the most percentage of. It’s a site that can get you hooked up to the most incredible deals.



Glittersinc is an upcoming website that offers a pretty good deal on beauty products; the prices of the goods are pretty nominal. The delivery timings are incredible and their personalized packaging is pretty cool.


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