This Spring: Electronic Devices To Turn Your Home Into A Cinema


After spending hours in a cramped space working or studying, everybody deserves a good break; luckily spring break is right around the corner thus let the movie marathon begin. The year 2016 has released a spectacular range of movies and the only way to experience them to the fullest is watching them comfortably sitting on a sofa with the sounds vibrating under you feet; the images would suck you into the movie a.k.a a home theater.

Yup it’s time to turn your home into a personal cinema! Here’s your guide that will help you create the cinematic experience:


Depending on your preference, you could use your TV for viewing the movie, but if you want to get a cinematic feel a projector is the way to go. (the bigger, the merrier!!)

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  • Projectors: Expensive projectors don’t always have the best quality, sometimes the cheaper ones have better qualities.

    Sony DX102: Sony is known for releasing high-end and pricey projectors, but this particular one is super cheap. It’s what we large screen folks have yearned for, deserve and NEED! You can get it from here

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Want something that’ll make your room go BOOM BOOM, well then Creative SBS A550 is the one! These 5 speakers and buffer are perfect for connecting with the TV and creating a cinematic experience. Here is where you can buy the speaker

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A/V Receiver

In order to control all the speakers and get them to work flawlessly , a receiver is the way to go. Want to go cheap, but have the highest quality too? Creative Sound Blaster X-FI 5.1 is the one you want. Here’s where you can buy this beauty

HDMI cable

Any brand would suffice for this. You can get this cable for SAR 15 to SAR 50, depending on the brand.

Home Theater, Complete set (speakers, player, amplifier)

If you don’t want the fuss of getting the gadgets individually then get whole set and the best one with a reasonable price is:

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  • LG Home Theaters 3D Blu-Ray: This LG home theatre system is crisp, fun, and an excellent means to watch films in the comfort of your own home. You can join the 3D movie craze with its 3D compatibility. You can buy it from here

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