Makan Is The Place To Be

An Indian fine-dining experience

A taste of Indian cuisine with a twist. We headed over to the beautifully decorated Makan restaurant, to try their extensive menu filled with an array of both classical Indian and westernized dishes. 

Walking towards the restaurant, you’re greeted with an arched doorway that perfectly represents the South Asian vibe of the restaurant. Walking in, you are instantly taken aback by the beautiful decor of the restaurant, giving you a whimsical yet traditional feel.

Starting off strong with the Lentil Shorba as our first appetizer, as well as a Chicken and Mint Shorba. We then had a Roca Salad, the Makan Special Salad, Dynamite Shrimp, Raj Kachori Chaat, before moving on to the main dishes which were the Chicken Tikka, Mutton Boti Kebab, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Makan Murgh, Railway Mutton Curry, Chicken Yakhani Biryani with Plain Biryani Rice, Garlic Naan, and Butter Naan. We then ended with some authentic dessert including  Gulab Jamun and Home-made Kulfi Icecream. 

You can find Makan in the Jeddah district of Khalidiyah, as well as in the Southern city of Najran. As well as an a la carte menu, Makan also offers a buffet which you can book through their WhatsApp. 

For more, make sure to check out their instagram. 


Riyadh’s Most Romantic Dinners this Valentine’s Day

The perfect night out for two

This Valentine’s Day, have a romantic night out with your loved one in any of our restaurant picks!


Hilton Hotel

Take advantage of the Hilton Hotel and Residence in Riyadh with their ‘Romantic Package’ which includes a one night stay and complimentary meals for breakfast and dinner, including other perks and amenities. 

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Instagram: hiltonriyadh

LPM Riyadh

Have a collection of special dishes and drinks in honor of the special holiday, Valentine’s Day with your guest of honor! 

Instagram: lpmriyadh


A.O.K Kitchen

This Valentine’s day, you can have a love filled meal at A.O.K Kitchen with a chance to have your own ‘love lock’ and attach it to their fence, as a special from you to your loved one, or even to yourself. 

Instagram: aokkitchensaudi

Chez Bruno

With an exclusive menu available on February 14, the set menu will allow you to enjoy the special night with someone special in a lovely atmosphere. 

Instagram: chezbrunoksa

Mnky HSE

A fun yet romantic evening at MNKY HSE with your special someone, their a la carte special menu starts at SAR 550 per person and is accompanied by an exciting live performance by Rebbi. 

Instagram: mnkyhseksa

Cafe de l’Esplanade

For a romantic atmosphere accompanied by delicious meals and luxurious vibes that fit the mood, visit Cafe de L’Esplanade this Valentine’s Day. 

Instagram: cafedelesplanadesa

Hire a personal chef: allows you to hire your personal chef to your house and have them cook for you a three course meal using your stove and oven. You can select the number of people that will be fed,the cuisine, the price range, and even allow you to leave a small note to the chef.


Jeddah’s Most Romantic Dinners this Valentine’s Day

The perfect night out for two

This Valentine’s Day, have a romantic night out with your loved one in any of our restaurant picks!


Enjoy the artisanal heart shaped desserts including cakes and more this Valentine’s day. 

Instagram: beauticafeksa

La Cima

This Valentine’s Day, and in solidarity with the victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquakes, 50% of the sales at La Cima will be donated to Sahem Relief. With this, they also have a SAR 65 Valentine’s Day package that includes coffee, a drink and dessert. You can also have any two drinks for SAR 35, making the perfect pair!



Surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere and indulging in the renowned Chinese cuisine, Toki is the place to be this Valentine’s Day.

Instagram: tokiksa

Da Bao

Have ‘Da Night’ with a special guest at De Bao. Complimentary drinks and dessert will also be available all while listening to soothing music. 


Fogo De Chao

For just SAR 499, you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two with the full churrasco experience, with a soft drink and dessert.

Instagram: fogodechaoksa

El Diamante

Celebrate a night full of love at El Diamante with a special someone and enjoy Saudi champagne and dessert for only SAR 150. 

Instagram: eldiamenteksa

Hire a personal chef: allows you to hire your personal chef to your house and have them cook for you a three course meal using your stove and oven. You can select the number of people that will be fed,the cuisine, the price range, and even allow you to leave a small note to the chef.


Kaia Brings its Tantalizing Energy to Jeddah Nights

Starting on October 6th, Kaia opens its doors to bring a brand new type of energy to Jeddah’s nightlife scene.

A vibrant lounge, Kaia invites its guests to enjoy a combination of lively beats, dazzling sunsets, and tantalizing mocktails. With spectacular open-air views of the Jeddah Waterfront, Kaia’s resident DJ will play uplifting electronica, creating the ultimate night-time ambiance for an unforgettable evening and atmosphere.



Kaia will dazzle its guests each night with electronic music that has been carefully curated to balance the vitality of the city and the dynamic ambiance of Kaia’s terrace setting. With its vibrant atmosphere, Kaia is set to become the new hotspot for those that enjoy late-night hangouts.



Inspired by the word “sea” in Hawaiian, Kaia aims to replicate the feeling of being on holiday. Kaia’s mixology team has crafted an enticing menu of mocktails that make the perfect tropical drink. Kaia’s menu will feature exotic drinks from throughout the world with a Saudi twist, including the Hawaiian Breeze made with rose water and pineapple, and the Rosemary and Watermelon Fizz, made with homemade rosemary syrup and fresh watermelon juice. (


Kaia is introducing a unique cuisine to the city, with its laid-back street food menu that includes flavors and ingredients available around the Pacific Rim; from Peru to Hawaii, even to Japan, landing on the Red Sea shores. Highlights include the special ceviche roll, made with crispy Ebi shrimp, smooth avocado, tuna loin, and their chef’s special acevichada sauce. For those on a health kick, the Pineapple and Zoodles Poke is a combination of crispy, crunchy, sweet and sour that even non-vegetarians can enjoy.


Launching just as the outdoor season begins in Jeddah with the cooler weather making an appearance, Kaia aims to cater to the sophisticated crowd of young Saudis looking for ways to enjoy the weather at a new hotspot.


Saudi Arabia is experiencing a major musical renaissance, which Kaia is excited to be a part of, with the resident international DJ entertaining guests with her mix of rhythm and beats. Kaia is ready to become an iconic night-time destination, serving up free-spirited energy with mesmerizing music and exceptionally crafted cocktails and cuisine.



Inspired Fashion: Mohamad Bajbaa

After spending eight years in LA, Mohamad Bajbaa was bitten by the fashion bug and decided to launch ‘Proud Angeles’ in 2016, to bring the LA energy and ambiance to the Middle Eastern market and blend both styles to create something extraordinary.

Inspired by an unfortunate incident that resulted in the destruction of many of his clothing, coupled with the already inspiring LA fashion scene, Mohamad decided to start producing his own clothing, and with that enter into the exciting world of fashion. During his time in LA, Mohamad learned about individuality, diversity, and creativity and wanted to bring that newfound knowledge back home to the Middle East.

Mohamad was able to do just that, with his brand expanding since its launch and its focus on the ideals of community and individuality. After two years of working in the market, Mohamad launched ‘Proud X,’ a fashion consultancy aimed to empower local fashion brands. With ‘Proud X,’ Mohamad aims to provide guidance for fashion start-ups to minimize their risk and maximize their success and growth. Although he has catapulted onto the fashion scene, he has many plans for the coming years.

As a designer and entrepreneur, he wants to maintain the uniqueness of his brand while also helping the community with fashion related initiatives that will hopefully play a part in the advancement of Saudi Arabia.

Many young Saudis have paved the way for others in their respective fields and have shattered various ceilings on their way. Their daredevil attitudes towards life and their willingness to defy the norms placed upon them have allowed them to excel and become the successful visionaries they are today.


Paving Paths: Haifa Aljedea

Born in Riyadh and raised in New York City, Haifa Aljedea has made her mark in International Relations. Starting as an intern at the United Nations, she knew instantly that this was where she was meant to be.

Although she was focused on International Journalism at the time, she continued to explore her options. Her time interning at the United Nations, therefore, ultimately changed the course of her career.

Entering a male-dominated field that lacked role models she can relate to, Haifa drew on the knowledge and experience of those around her and let her work speak for itself.

She has been the head of countries affairs to the Saudi chairman of the Saudi Fund for Development, the General Entertainment Authority, and the Saudi Arabian Military Industries Company. Previously, Haifa also worked at the UN counter-terrorism center and represented the Kingdom at the Security Council and General Assembly. With these key positions under her wing, Haifa aims to enhance the already vital role Saudi Arabia plays in international relations.

Moreover, Haifa strives to empower women in the workplace in Saudi Arabia She started two NGO’s that address the lack of rolemodles and career mentors available to women in the country.


Dynamic Duo: Hussein Angawi & Hazim Altowairqi

With a passion for the sea and watersports, Hussein Angawi turned his love for entrepreneurial venture and community.

After meeting fellow water sports enthusiast Hazim Altowairqi at university, the duo decided to co-found HydroKSA as their shared final graduation project, which later turned into the successful brand that it is.

Initially, the brand started out as a newsletters for those who practice watersports in Jeddah. This then turned into an instagram account where they sought to portray their love for the adrenaline rush filled lifestyle and energy into a visual experience through videos and pictures. They also wanted to showcase the different water sports available in Jeddah such as Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, freediving and so on.

Recognizing the difficulties and obstacles faced by those wanting to participate in water sports in the Kingdom. They started by motivating people to practice watersports on a more regular basis, as well as raise awareness and educate people about the thrilling sport.

They then continued on to sell handy beach towels and are now planning to offer Kiteboarding lessons at KAEC.


Racing Forward: Dania Akeel

A fierce competitor and all-around fighter, Dania Akeel has broken into the competitive world of motorsport racing and has even become the first Saudi female racer to hold an FIA license.

With her first competition at the UAE National SportsBike Super Series, she has continued to pave the way for female Saudis in the racing community.

Akeel has also competed in various races, including the Hail and Northern Region Rally, which is an aspect of the International Motorsport Federation’s world rally championship. After three painful pelvic fractures at the Bahrain season in March 2020, she has managed to push through, persevere, and has even written a book titled, Freefall which she wrote during her recovery. m51_7751

This book was Dania’s opportunity to reflect on her past experiences and what she has learned so far in her journey. In sharing her experience, she hopes that her story will not only inspire but prevent others from repeating the mistakes she believes led to her accident. Dania also mentions that writing the book “was a process that allowed me to come to a deeper understanding of the lessons life had been trying to teach me”. She now has plans to participate in the Dakar Rally taking place in 2022.


Preserving Culture: Abdullah S. Al Hodaif

Passionate about art from a young age, entrepreneur Abdullah S. Al Hodaif has taken his passions and turned them into a way to conserve and transform Jeddah’s heritage into a vibrant art scene.

Abdullah believes that cultural projects have a role in shaping the artistic and cultural movement in any country and significantly influence spreading local culture and identity internationally.

Not only has Abdullah been collecting vintage artwork from a young age, but he has also redecorated four separate buildings in the historic Al-Balad. One is Bait Al Hodaif, a non-profit organization with a small museum displaying Hijazi heritage items such as artwork, magazines, and games from the 1910s to 1980s.

Along with this, Hodaif holds annual campaigns to redecorate the streets of Jeddah, as well as creating artwork in more impoverished areas of the city and hosting recycling workshops for children there.

Abdullah has now opened the first private cultural center in Makkah, named BeBakkah Cultural Project. With these initiatives in mind, Hodaif does not wish to bring back the past but to combine the old with the new to allow the youth to appreciate the art in a historic site. All while instilling the value of peace through art.