Dynamic Duo: Hussein Angawi & Hazim Altowairqi

With a passion for the sea and watersports, Hussein Angawi turned his love for entrepreneurial venture and community.

After meeting fellow water sports enthusiast Hazim Altowairqi at university, the duo decided to co-found HydroKSA as their shared final graduation project, which later turned into the successful brand that it is.

Initially, the brand started out as a newsletters for those who practice watersports in Jeddah. This then turned into an instagram account where they sought to portray their love for the adrenaline rush filled lifestyle and energy into a visual experience through videos and pictures. They also wanted to showcase the different water sports available in Jeddah such as Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, freediving and so on.

Recognizing the difficulties and obstacles faced by those wanting to participate in water sports in the Kingdom. They started by motivating people to practice watersports on a more regular basis, as well as raise awareness and educate people about the thrilling sport.

They then continued on to sell handy beach towels and are now planning to offer Kiteboarding lessons at KAEC.

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