Meraki Announces Sanjay Dwivedi as Culinary Director


London-born contemporary Greek restaurant Meraki is pleased to welcome Sanjay Dwivedi as its new Culinary Director; marking the start of an exciting new chapter within Meraki’s unique legacy.

An internationally acclaimed chef, and Culinary Founder of iconic fine-dining destination COYA, Sanjay is recognized for his innovative take on curating celebrated gastronomical experiences that deliver authentic, mouthwatering creations with extraordinary flair.

Born and raised in Delhi, Sanjay’s experiences include working at a diverse range of London’s top restaurants, including Oliver Peyton’s Coast Restaurant, Atlantic Bar & Grill, and Zaika, the first Indian restaurant to receive a Michelin star. As Culinary Founder of COYA, Sanjay merged his fascination for the eclectic mix of Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cuisines in Peruvian cuisine with an experimental approach that became the hallmark of the award-winning concept which has locations in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Monaco, Paris, Mykonos, and Riyadh. Passionate about his craft, Sanjay has been featured in a number of high-profile culinary shows, including Iron Chef UK and MasterChef.


“COYA was a ‘build from the ground-up project, where each decision made could be a make-or-break scenario,” said Sanjay of his new role. “Whereas with Meraki, there is already great strength in the existing product. We’re on the cusp of something monumental here, on a global scale. Now is the time to refine and redefine, not only the menu but the vision is to lift the overall package, 360 degrees of client experience!”

“I have been tremendously impressed by the passionate team here at Meraki,” he continued, “Without whom this vision cannot be realized. It’s incredibly important to me, that talented individuals are empowered with the knowledge and freedom needed to be autonomous, so they can flourish in their roles as Meraki grows. I look forward to championing their success and no doubt we will discover some hospitality superstars along the way!”

Originally conceived by Peter, Arjun, and Meher Waney who opened the first Meraki restaurant in Fitzrovia, London in 2017, the concept is renowned for merging the finest Mediterranean ingredients with the warmth and generosity of Greek culture and hospitality. As Culinary Director, Sanjay will be at the helm of the brand’s culinary journey, instilling his expertise and vision across the menu offering and

operations across Meraki’s London flagship venue as well as its first-ever global restaurant in Riyadh, which was inaugurated in partnership with Al Khozama Management Company in 2021.


Hellenika Brings the Authentic Flavor & Culture of Greek Island Dining to the Heart of Al Khobar


Experience a stunning mosaic of Greek culture, gastronomy, and architecture at Hellenika, the award-winning modern Greek restaurant situated in the dynamic center of Al Khobar.

Established in 2021 in Al Khobar by Cavadore Limited, in partnership with Al Moajil Hospitality, the acclaimed fine-dining destination pays homage to the extraordinary flavors of Hellenic cuisine, merging culinary innovation with centuries-old Greek and Cyprian traditions to curate an immersive dining experience that brings the renowned vibrance and sophistication of the Greek islands to the heart of the Kingdom.


Located within the prestigious Al Matal Complex on the coastal side of Al Khobar, Hellenika presents an unforgettable fine dining experience that has been recognized by the Greek Tastes Beyond Borders (GTBB) organization for its outstanding quality, authentic flavors, and contribution to the sustainment of Greek culture outside out Greece. Awarded the “Authentic Taste of Greece” Gold Award 2022, and selected as the “Ambassador of Authentic Greek Taste”, the Saudi-born culinary establishment has cemented the Kingdom as a leading destination for gastronomy on the global stage.


A concept 30 years in the making, Hellenika reimagines Greek culinary traditions for the 21st century whilst preserving the authentic antiquity the world has come to love. A meticulous menu, featuring over 60 exclusive ingredients flown in from Greece, forms the foundation of the restaurant’s authentic yet creative gastronomical experience.


Hellenic classics are intelligently reimagined to deliver a mouthwatering culinary journey across Greece. Unmissable menu highlights include the Marinated Sea Bass, with citrus, pumpkin, and lotus chips; Black and White Tarmosalata, served with cod roe, cuttlefish ink, bottarga, and olive oil; Wagyu Keftedes, Wagyu beef with Homer’s Trilogy Cheese, and truffle artichoke dip; Seafood Orzo, with basil, tomato and fennel; Lobster Fricassee, with porchini mushrooms, baby gems, spring onions, and Graviera cheese; and The Mastic Forest of Chios, a decadent lemon thyme chocolate ganache with passionfruit crèmeux and mastic tears.


A stunning selection of mocktails, expertly crafted using Greek herbs and modern mixology techniques, rounds of the exquisite à la carte dining experience; elevated further with Hellenika’s flavourful extra virgin olive oil, which is grown, harvested, and bottled in Greece, especially for the brand.


Designed to transport guests to the heart of the Greek Islands, Hellenika’s breathtaking beachfront location comprises a sea view terrace as well as a panoramic dining area with an open kitchen which features rustic ceiling sails, vibrant blue accents, and natural Greek materials; a nod to Greece’s quintessential blue skies and rich maritime culture. Atmospheric music, merging traditional Greek instruments and vocals with electronic beats, recreates the legendary ambiance of Greece’s most celebrated island destination; setting the tone for an unforgettable dining experience that immerses you into the epicenter of modern-day Greek hospitality.


For more information, please visit
For reservations at Hellenika:
+966 9200 12579

Location: 1st Floor, Al Matal Complex, Alkurnaish, 6563, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Opening Hours (open now)

  • Lunch
    Daily: 1:00pm – 4:30pm
  • Dinner
    Saturday – Wednesday: 6:30pm – 11:30pm
    Thursday & Friday: 6:30pm – 12:00am


Experience the Centuries-old Culinary Traditions of France’s Iconic Art Deco Brasseries at Belgravian Brasserie Al Khobar


Discover the celebrated traditions of France’s famous Grand Cafés at Belgravian Brasserie, the all-day fine dining destination situated at the prestigious Al Matal Complex in the heart of Al Khobar.

Featuring a bespoke Meat Atelier, fresh Seafood Market, and in-house Patisserie and Boulangerie, Belgravian Brasserie elegantly fuses the sophistication of London’s Belgravia neighborhood with the culinary excellence of French cuisine to deliver an elevated dining experience that caters to your every need.


An original concept, developed in partnership between restaurateur Marios George’s Cavadore Group and Al Moajil Hospitality, operated and owned by chairman Mohammed Saad Al Moajil and led by CEO Abdulaziz Al Moajil; the restaurant has ushered in a new chapter within the Kingdom’s fine dining narrative, launching alongside high-profile fine-dining destinations NOZOMI and Hellenika in Al Khobar in late 2021.

Paying homage to the culture of traditional French Art Deco brasseries, the iconic restaurant delivers authentic, sensorial gastronomical experiences for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Situated within Al Khobar’s futuristic waterfront area, Belgravian Brasserie’s expansive ground-floor location boasts exquisite sea views which can be enjoyed from within the main dining room as well as its seafront terraces. The marble-clad restaurant’s sleek interiors, punctuated with deep brass, stained glass windows, and oak walls, channel the warmth, elegance, and artistically-inclined sensibilities of Parisian Art Deco brasseries – creating a chic, versatile locale that is ideal for dining alone, or with family and friends.


Fresh, high-quality ingredients, displayed artfully within the restaurant, form the foundation of Belgravian Brasserie’s culinary philosophy. The restaurant’s in-house Patisserie and Boulangerie lends an irresistible scent to the space, with its freshly baked artisanal bread, pastries, macarons, and biscuits, served straight out of the oven. The Meat Atelier is home to the finest cuts of US Prime beef, Wagyu beef, and Australian lamb, which are individually grilled to perfection for every order, including premium steaks that have been dry-aged for 28 days on-site for outstanding flavor and texture.


The expansive menu integrates beloved French Brasserie dishes with the renowned traditions of English High Tea. Unmissable dishes from the breakfast menu include the Croissant, Wagyu Bacon Scrambled Eggs, Smoke French Gratin Eggs, French Toast, and Belgian Waffles. The all-day dining and afternoon tea menu feature outstanding creations such as the Flammkuchen Tarte Flambee, with crème Fraiche, onions, and Wagyu bacon; Escargot Bourgogne, cooked in a rich butter sauce with parsley and garlic; Moules Frites À La Crème, with fresh herbs; US Prime Beef Tomahawk; Belgravian Brasserie Steak Frites, served with signature sauce and salad; Oyster Platter and, for those looking to indulge, Beluga Caviar. An extensive selection of premium beverages rounds the gastronomical experience, including fresh homemade juices, refined mocktails, delicately infused sparkling teas, delicious signature coffees, bespoke loose tea blends, and decadent hot chocolates. A remarkably generous offering that eloquently caters to every palate and preference.


With its unparalleled service, wonderous design, and melodic Parisian chic-hop tunes, Belgravian Brasserie is reshaping the notion of all-day dining in the Kingdom, and beyond.

For more information, please visit
For reservations at Belgravian Brasserie
+966 9200 12594
Ground Floor, Al Matal Complex, Alkurnaish, 6563, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Opening Hours

Open daily
Breakfast: 8am – 12pm
All Day Dining: 12pm – 10:30pm
Afternoon Tea: 3pm – 6pm
Patisserie: 8am – 11pm


Experience Award-winning Contemporary Japanese Dining at NOZOMI Al Khobar


Experience contemporary Japanese cuisine like never before at NOZOMI Al Khobar.

A highly anticipated new arrival to the Kingdom’s burgeoning hospitality scene, NOZOMI Al Khobar represents the award-winning, London-born restaurant’s latest international location; bringing with it the iconic contemporary Japanese dining experience that has enabled it to become of the most sought-after destinations for gastronomes and connoisseurs around the world. Located within the prestigious Al Matal Complex, across from Al Khobar’s futuristic waterfront, NOZOMI Al Khobar curates an unforgettable and exclusive social dining experience that effortlessly redefines the notion of Japanese dining in the city, and beyond.


Founded in Knightsbridge, London, by restauranteur Marios George in 2004, and owned by Cavadore Group, NOZOMI has since grown into a world-renowned culinary institution with an esteemed global reputation. The restaurant’s prominent new location has been brought to the Kingdom by Cavadore Group, in partnership with Al Moajil Hospitality, operated and owned by chairman Mohammed Saad Al Moajil and led by CEO Abdulaziz Al Moajil; ushering in a new era of fine dining in the region with the opening of NOZOMI, Hellenika, and Belgravian in Al Khobar in late 2021.


Having previously won multiple high-profile awards for other branches around the world, including London Restaurant of The Year 2013 at London Lifestyle Awards, Best Luxury Restaurant in The Middle East 2021 at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Best Japanese Restaurant Doha 2022 at FACT Dining Awards, and Best Japanese Cuisine in the Middle East 2019 at World Luxury Restaurant Awards, the brand’s Al Khobar location demonstrates NOZOMI’s innovative food philosophy, with a location-specific à la carte menu that expertly adapts Japanese cuisine to local tastes, whilst preserving the gastronomical traditions that are emblematic of Japanese dining.


Contemporary Japanese cuisine is infused with European subtleties; showcasing NOZOMI’s hallmark culinary style with decadent ingredients such as Black Cod, Canadian Lobster, and Wagyu beef. From the extensive selection of umami-rich sushi and crispy tempura to expertly prepared Robata grill options, indulgent desserts, and refreshing mocktail creations, every menu item is painstakingly prepared using the freshest and finest of ingredients, sourced daily for a mouthwatering gastronomical experience that reimagines Japanese culinary traditions with a distinctly European flair.


Unmissable menu highlights include O Toro, fatty belly tuna sashimi; Marinated Yellowtail Sashimi, with fresh jalapeño salsa and chili ponzu dressing; Spider Roll, kimchi buttered crab, kampyo rolled with tobiko and mayonnaise; Grade 9+ Wagyu Beef, served with ponzu truffle sauce and homemade pickles; Black Cod, with NOZOMI miso and pickle relish; Mushroom Takikomi – Gohan, rice with truffle mushroom sauce and dried shiso; Yuzu Pavlova, crispy meringue served with yuzu cream and fresh berries; and the NOZOMI Tiramisu.


With ambient lighting, outstanding service, and a music program that crescendos alongside the dining experience, NOZOMI Al Khobar delivers an unmatched, world-class contemporary Japanese dining experience in the dynamic heart of Al Khobar.


For more information, please visit
For reservations at NOZOMI Al Khobar:
Call: +966 9200 12681
2nd Floor, Al Matal Complex, Alkurnaish, 6563, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Opening Hours (open now)

  • Lunch
    Daily: 12pm – 3:30pm
  • Dinner
    Saturday – Wednesday: 7pm – 11:30pm
    Thursday & Friday: 7pm – 12:30pm


Multi-award Winning LPM Restaurant & Bar set to open in Cyprus, Partnering with World-class Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol


LPM Restaurant & Bar is partnering with Mediterranean Hospitality Venture Limited (MHV) to revamp Parklane Resort & Spa, in Cyprus.

Multi-award-winning LEM Restaurant & Bar announces an exciting new partnership with luxury hospitality and real estate owner MHV Mediterranean Hospitality Venture Limited for the revamping of the culinary offerings at a beachfront location in Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Limassol, Cyprus, opening this Summer.

After London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, and Riyadh, exclusive F&B pioneer LPM Restaurant & Bar, is flying in about four hours and 1,482 miles from Riyadh to significantly raise the benchmark for dining and entertainment in Limassol, Cyprus.

Nicolas Budzynski, LPM Restaurant & Bar’s Global Operations Director commented: “We are very excited to enter this partnership with MHV and Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol. Getting closer to our roots with our first Mediterranean location, we are looking forward to this new addition to the LPM family. Like every LPM, this one will have its own characteristics.  It has also been the opportunity for us to make an evolution of the brand with a unique outdoor seafront location to fully enjoy the Cyprus extended summer season. For the last 15 years, we’ve been focusing on delivering a great experience for our guests, and we are confident that Limassol will bring some exciting surprises. We can’t wait to open and welcome existing and new guests to share a Tomatini (or two).”

LPM, inspired by the affectionate culture off the coasts of the South of France, is taking over the control of the beachfront again, this time in Cyprus, rich in history and the home of Goddess Aphrodite. The menu, which takes guests on an unforgettable journey to discover the underlying joys of Mediterranean ingredients at their finest is complemented by LPM’s sophisticated and original cocktails, all expertly blended with the stunning ambiance of the venue itself.

Parklane Resort & Spa’s newest culinary addition comprises a sophisticated, minimal interior dining space featuring wood and marble accents. Meanwhile, with Cyprus boasting amazing weather all year round, a stunning outdoor setup reminiscent of the French Riviera provides a chic lounge-style space. Situated in the beautiful surrounding and gardens of the resort, the restaurant boasts a picturesque seafront location with views of turquoise water and luxury yachts. The bright and spontaneous ambiance is combined with unique and striking art pieces that relive La belle epoque influence. A little daring and a little irreverent, this is a place full of easy-going warmth and joie de vivre, that connects guests for vibrant days and nights that remind us that life is for loving!

Commenting on the recent news, Louisa Ioannidou, General Manager, Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol, in Cyprus said: “The addition of LPM to our culinary portfolio will play a significant role in further enhancing the resort’s reputation as a premium gastronomy hub. We look forward to welcoming guests to enjoy the exceptional menu and exclusive ambiance of this soon-to-be landmark hot spot for dining and entertainment on the dynamic Limassol scene.”

With a classic, yet modern French-Mediterranean vibes – sometimes funky, always elegant, refined, and never predictable – LPM’s soundtrack will keep the beat of the afternoons and evenings flowing with a memorable gastronomic experience in the heart of Limassol, the city’s newest dining hot spot, cementing the luxury resort’s position on the culinary map in Cyprus.

For more information & reservations | T: +966 9200 11794


Take Holiday Fashion to the Next Level with Harvey Nichols Riyadh’s Exclusive Summer Pop-Up Shop


Saudi Arabia’s premier luxury fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols Riyadh, is delighted to announce the launch of The Summer Shop Pop-Up, a one-stop-shop for all your Summer 2022 needs.

Curated by Harvey Nichols experts, the exclusive pop-up brings together the season’s hottest fashion and beauty essentials, delivering an elevated shopping experience designed to keep you looking your best, no matter your summer destination.

Harvey Nichols’ The Summer Shop features a three-part shopping experience including beauty, women’s fashion, and children’s fashion spaces throughout the store. The main pop-up space, which is located on the womenswear floor, delivers a stylish edit of swimwear, beach cover-ups, holiday dresses, accessories, handbags, and footwear from contemporary and luxury designers.


Experience the Essence of Cannes Film Festival with LPM Riyadh’s Limited Edition, Star-Studded Menu


In honor of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, LPM Riyadh has introduced a new, dining experience designed to relay the essence of the beloved silver screen celebration as it unfolds in the South of France.

Available exclusively from 17-28 May, the Festival De Cannes menu pays homage to the world-renowned festival with a curated, three-course dining experience comprising iconic dishes from LPM’s global culinary repertoire.


Designed to transport guests to the star-studded cast of the French Riviera, the menu channels the iconic glamour of the French Riviera through the refined flavors of LPM’s acclaimed French Mediterranean cuisine. In an elevated social dining experience, guests can delight in a selection of appetizers followed by a sharing main course and dessert selected in unison by each party for their table.


The menu features over 10 signature dishes, including beloved favourites such as Pissaladière, Ratatouille avec Féta, Croquettes de Crevettes and more, as part of the hors d’oeuvres selection; Bourride à la Sètoise, Côtelettes d’Agneau Vivienne and Riz Pilaf et Crevettes à la Camarguaise as main course options; and Île Flottante, Mille-Feuille au Chocolat and Clafoutis aux Framboises as dessert options. For those wanting a well-rounded experience, the drinks pairing menu option is certain to delight; with perfectly paired mocktails served alongside each course, the experience delivers a culinary journey fit for the stars.


Available for a limited time only and priced at SAR390 per person (for the dining experience), and SAR490 (for the dining with drinks pairing experience), the mouth-watering Festival De Cannes menu is an unmissable tribute to the world’s most glamourous film festival in the dynamic heart of the Kingdom.

For reservations and information visit:

LPM Riyadh Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Friday – Saturday: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Sunday – Saturday: 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

LPM Riyadh Location:
King Fahd Road, Street No. 38, Al Motassem Street, Al Olaya (behind Al Faisaliah Hotel)


Celebrate World Cocktail Day Style at LPM Riyadh


Discover the art of mixology this World Cocktail Day at LPM Riyadh.

Renowned for its light, ingredient-led French Mediterranean and Niçoise inspired cuisine, LPM’s passion for fresh, authentic flavors is translated into every aspect of the brand’s menu, including its beverages and cocktails. In celebration of World Cocktail Day on May 13th, LPM Riyadh will be introducing Frescoes, an artistic mocktail which, alongside the restaurant’s expertly crafted drinks offering, will deliver a gastronomic grade, alcohol-free drinking experience that caters to even the most sophisticated culinary connoisseurs.


An original mocktail from LPM’s global cocktail experience “Recipes for our Friends”, Frescoes encapsulates the creative vision set forth by the immersive beverage menu. Meticulously crafted over a period of 12 months by LPM’s award-winning Global Bar Manager Tibor Kracsenics, “Recipes for our Friends” curates an artistically infused, multi-sensorial cocktail journey through the life of prolific French artist Jean Cocteau. As one of the mocktails featured on the exclusive menu, Frescoes is an unmissable concoction; bringing together light bursts of peach, almond, and clementine with the complexity of Juniper syrup for an irresistible touch of savory Umami. Topped off with a delightful garnish of Juniper berries, this one-of-a-kind clarified milk punch eloquently merges history with Jean Cocteau’s fantastical artworks. Uniquely served in a hand-painted clay cup that features a design referencing the Haute-bohemian Santo Sospir villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Frescoes pays homage to the whimsical frescoes by Jean Cocteau on the villa’s walls, which continue to capture the imagination of people around the world.


Another highlight to explore on LPM Riyadh’s menu is the Menthe À L’Eau Fizz – Strawberry; an elevated take on the classic Mojito, developed in-house by LPM Riyadh’s drinks lab mixologists. The delicately blended mocktail, which is exclusive to the Riyadh location, brings together fresh strawberries and lime with hints of mint in a delicious elixir served over three artisan ice balls. Using LPM’s bespoke clarification process, the colors of the ingredients are removed, delivering a clear mocktail that eloquently preserves the signature tastes and smells of every ingredient it features. Also available in classic Mint and tropical Passionfruit flavors, Menthe À L’Eau Fizz makes for the perfect beverage to sip alongside any meal.


For those looking for something a little more theatrical, the Tomati-NO mocktail is certain to delight. A non-alcoholic rendition of LPM’s global signature drink Tomatini, Tomati-NO brings together clarified tomato juice and cherry tomato shrub to draw attention to the complex flavors of sun-ripened tomatoes; capturing the essence of LPM in a glass. Light, refreshing, and served with a statement, the mocktail is finished off with an aromatic touch of freshly ground pepper, added directly onto the beverage when it is served on the table with a dramatic oversized pepper grinder.

Sip on one, or perhaps try them all, as you take in the LPM’s delectable cuisine, chic ambiance and melodic tunes inspired by the French Riviera for an unforgettable World Cocktail Day in the dynamic heart of the Kingdom.


For reservations and information visit:

LPM Riyadh Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Friday – Saturday: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
Saturday-Sunday: 6:30PM – 11:00PM

LPM Riyadh Location: King Fahd Road, Street No. 38, Al Motassem Street, Al Olaya (behind Al Faisaliah Hotel)


EL&N London Opens their First Standalone Café in Saudi Arabia, Launching in Riyadh’s Iconic The Zone


After huge success at The Alley, Riyadh Boulevard, and Riyadh Park Mall with their coffee and cake offering, London’s most Instagrammable café is finally opening its standalone café in Riyadh!

The café renowned for its beautiful pink flower walls, unique interior design, innovative food, pastries, and specialty coffee has officially opened its doors in one of Riyadh’s hot spots, The Zone.

Instagrammable moments are plentiful in the newly renovated site at The Zone, which features the brand’s largest and longest flower wall to date, using over 11,000 artificial silk flowers to dress the feature staircase. Expect to see the space filled with neon signs, a beautifully structured architectural framework, and Instagrammable booths fit for a picture-perfect moment.


Bringing their menu classics over from the UK, the brand has recreated their bestselling breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes for the Riyadh locals to enjoy, with highlight items including the EL&N Shakshuka, Cheetos Cheese Burger, Dulce de Leche milk cakes, and of course the iconic Spanish Latte.


Alexandra Miller, Founder of EL&N London said ‘We are so thrilled to be opening our first standalone café in Riyadh, The Zone. We’ve already been fortunate enough to receive such a fantastic response from our coffee and cake units in The Alley and Riyadh Park Mall, so I have absolutely no doubt that this site is going to be a huge hit with our guests who are wanting to immerse themselves in the full EL&N experience. Riyadh was always the first place we wanted to launch in Saudi Arabia as we already have such a loyal fanbase built back from the UK. I look forward to watching our expansion throughout KSA unfold with many more beautiful, unique cafés opening across the Kingdom.’

Find EL&N London located at The Zone, Al Muhammadiyah, next door to David Burke and Wasabi, open every day from 8 am-1 am.


Celebrate the Holy Month with LPM’s Exclusive Ramadan Dessert Box


Indulge your sweet tooth this Ramadan with a limited-edition dessert box from LPM Riyadh, which has been recently listed as one of the best restaurants in the region, alongside its Dubai branch, at the inaugural Middle East & Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants. 

Renowned for its spectacular desserts, LPM Riyadh will be celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan by bringing their new delicious creations to your home. Ideal for hosting and gifting, the especially curated dessert box comprises of six decadent desserts created exclusively for the Holy month. Starting from the first day of Ramadan, the dessert box will be available for pickup via special order at LPM Riyadh throughout Ramadan.


Curb your chocolate craving with the mouth-watering flavours of Dark Circle, a rich dessert made with chocolate mousse, biscuit jaconde, hazelnut mousseline and chocolate glaze, or explore the airy texture and sweet flavours of the White Chocolate and Raspberry Sponge Cake. The Petit Gateau, a delicious concoction of almond sponge and mascarpone cream, makes for a real treat this Ramadan, garnished with mango, pineapple and raspberry for an unexpected fruity twist. Banana Dulcey, with dulcey ganache, banana crémeux and banana cake is yet another crowd-pleaser alongside the satisfying Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse and richly flavoured Caramel and Coffee Tart.


Priced at SAR350, the Ramadan dessert box will exclusively be available by special order via phone call and pre-payment, and will be available for pickup from the restaurant 24 hours after the order is placed.  Featuring six never-experienced-before special edition chef’s creations from beyond LPM’s celebrated à la carte menu, the Ramadan dessert box from LPM Riyadh is the perfect way to end those memorable iftars, dinners and suhours spent with family and friends.

The Ramadan dessert box from LPM Riyadh will be available to pre-order from the first day of Ramadan. Orders must be placed 24 hours prior. Deliveries are not available.

To place an order, please call LPM Riyadh: +920011794

For more information visit:

LPM Riyadh Ramadan Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday
9pm – 2am (last order 1:45am)

LPM Riyadh Location:
King Fahd Road,

Street No. 38,
Al Motassem Street,
Al Olaya (behind Al Faisaliah Hotel)