Meraki Greek Fest

A Celebration of greek culture and hospitality in the heart of Riyadh.

London-born contemporary Greek restaurant Meraki Riyadh is delighted to announce the launch of Greek Fest, a one-of-a-kind celebration of Greek culture and gastronomy in the heart of Riyadh. A brand-new concept developed by Meraki, Greek Fest promises to deliver a vibrant and social dining experience that brings together the iconic ambiance of the Greek islands with Meraki’s globally renowned Greek haute cuisine for an unforgettable event. The inaugural edition of Greek Fest will take place on Monday 10th October, ushering in a new era of Greek fine dining in the Kingdom.

Starting from 7 pm, guests will be welcomed into the restaurant’s lounge area where they will begin their gastronomical journey with refreshing welcome drinks and Greek-style canapés before proceeding into the main dining area. Olive tree centerpieces, punctuated with bottles of extra virgin olive oil and melodic Greek tunes will recreate the iconic ambiance of the Cycladic Islands.

Curated especially for the occasion by Head Chef Dimitrios Koumis, Greek Fest will unveil an exclusive à la carte menu that is designed to take guests on a tantalizing journey across Greece. Inspired by the meaning of ‘Meraki’, the Greek term for doing tasks with soul, creativity, and love, the menu features iconic dishes from Meraki’s culinary repertoire alongside new creations influenced by authentic regional Greek recipes.

Mouthwatering menu items prepared especially for Greek Fest include the Maniatiki Salad, with potato, orange, olive, and spring onion; Flat Bread, with tomato, feta cheese, olive, and oregano; Cherry Tomato, tagliatelle pasta with ripe tomato sauce and feta cheese; Tsiladia, sea bream fillet with onion, tomato, and raisin; Beef Cheek “Giouvetsi”, 12-hour slow cooked beef with orzo pasta, mizithra cheese, and fresh truffle and Saffron Calamarata, Spot Prawn cooked with saffron and green peppercorn. Served alongside classic and new cocktails, the Greek Fest menu pays a mouthwatering homage to Greece’s most cherished dining traditions.

Committed to constantly delivering the highest caliber of dining experiences, Greek Fest will unveil a never-seen-before side to the Meraki journey with theatrically-inspired elements that showcase the full potential of the restaurant’s culinary experience. Served with the warmth and professionalism that is emblematic of Meraki Riyadh, Greek Fest is destined to be an unmissable calendar highlight for connoisseurs and gastronomes across the city.

Meraki Greek Fest will take place on 10th October from 7 pm – 12 am.
For bookings & reservations please call 92001050 or email


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