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Try to set aside the fact that we’re in the middle of a heat wave, but the time has come to start shopping for fall/winter 2016. I know that shopping for wool and leather is not a picnic, that’s why we’re opting for online shopping. Get your popcorn popping and fizzy drink chilling, and start exercising those fingers.

Tweed Jacket

Tweed-jacketTweed is as classic as you can get. As soon as you find the perfect cut, buy the tweed jacket! It’s a life saver and it goes with everything.

Miu Miu, $1,960


gucci-sweater-credit-net-a-porter-1Gucci is the ‘it’ label of the season. This pink sweater will get you through the cold days armed with style and sass. Pair it with jeans or a pair of black culottes for a sharp look.

Gucci, $1,490


Miu-Miu-Shearling-Trimmed-Patent-Leather-Slingback-Pumps-890Slingbacks are still going strong, and this one is the mother of all slingbacks. The patent leather and fluffy pastel-pink shearling heel will elevate your shabby closet.

Miu Miu, $890


JW-Anderson2You can’t go wrong with boots. And these are not your average leather boots. The ruffles add a modern twist to a classic model. Wear it with bell-bottoms for an avant-garde look.

J.W. Anderson, $840


DR-Felwa-Fall-essentialsI have a soft spot for classic cuts. This dress is beautifully made and the color is gorgeous on any skin tone. Wedding season is upon us, and this Saint Laurent number is elegant and so worthy of a night out.

Saint Laurent, $4,590


BELTYou can wear this belt with a dress and with pants, over a white shirt or even a vintage t-shirt. What are you waiting for? Buy it!

Saint Laurent, $450


pradaVelvet is everything; I love the look and feel of velvet, I can velvet my whole wardrobe just to feel as glamorous as Rita Hayworth. Velvet heels? Yes, please!

Prada, $825


8 Golden Rules for Staying Fit And Fab in Ramadan

Collage being awesome in ramadan

Another year, another Ramadan, and another bunch of resolutions to break… In true Ramadan etiquette, I have compiled the golden rules for surviving another holy month the modern way:

Love thy body.
Start iftar with a glass of water and a dash of lemon. It’s perfect for digestion and will make your face clearer and glowing with inner shine. Don’t forget to hydrate as much as you can. Water is so important to your both your body and skin; also it will get rid of all the toxins that build up during the day.
Move your way to a better body.
Don’t forget your gorgeous body this summer. Take care of it, for Eid is right around the corner and you have to get into those frocks you’ve been accumulating for Eid celebrations! Walk, swim, practice yoga, Pilates, ballet… Just keep moving!
Shop kaftans.
The kaftan is the most important piece of ‘thread’ during Ramadan. You’ll live in those forgiving dresses… Shop your favorite from national to international designers. We love Razan Alazzouni’s subtle approach. We also love The Row’s classic cuts. Maje has one cute summer- inspired short kaftan that I’m diey to.
Eat clean.
Always and forever, eat good food. Opt for avocados on toast for suhur, an acai bowl, or fruit salad with a dollop of vanilla yogurt. I love Deliciously Ella for recipe inspiration. I like cooking my meals, because I can escape my reality and dream; I cook quietly and try to send positive energy to my food.
Change up your beauty routine.
Use Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique bath oil. Inspired by Paris in the late 20s, the vibrant melange of avant-gardism and popular African culture that shaped the jazz era at that time; this oil promises to infuse in water, notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, African marigold, and bucchu before awakening a delicate bouquet of violet, jasmine petals and cyclamen prevails. After a long day, you’ll need the me time all by yourself, rejuvenated for the days ahead.
Document everything.
Stich your life together into a showcase of memories. Whether still or video, show off your creative mind and add to your scrapbook, and paint your life with your mind. You’ll love your project when it’s completed by Eid time.
Except your limitations.
You can’t change the world. You can only change yourself.
Do a good deed every single day.
Whether giving away 1 riyal, or just smiling to strangers… Open your heart to people, help others, and be the best version of you.

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Ranjana Khan Fringe Embellished Circle Earrings

Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11

Embellished Circle Earrings
Ray-Ban sunglasses


Round-frame acetate and gold-tone sunglasses
Tibi Off the shoulder midi dress

Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11

Off the Shoulder midi dress
Maje embroidered mini dress

Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11
Embroidered mini dress

Manebi suede espadrilles


Manebi suede espadrilles

LD Carey the Mimi hat

Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11

The Mimi hat

Felwa AlHudaithy is a fashion writer, entrepreneur, and an insightful blogger behind C’est Ma Vie


What Katy Wore Next


By Felwa Alhudaithy, C’est Ma Vie

Modern day “You’ve Got Mail.”

Last night I watched a riveting documentary about famed writer and director Nora Ephron. It revolved around her youth, her trials and errors, as well as her enchanting journey.

548a8dd0bc4b2_-_rbk-iconic-workwear-meg-ryan-youve-got-mail-s2If we watch the slow evolution of Ephron’s style in both writing and fashion, we’ll soon discover that fashion dominated her life. Even throughout her movies, we see her leading women as she writes them, trendy, funny and always witty. If I was one of her leading women, I’d be Kathleen Kelly from “You’ve Got Mail.” I am being totally biased here, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

If I had a chance to deconstruct Meg Ryan’s wardrobe in the film and modernize it without losing the soul of her character, I think I’ll end up with classic lines and a closet full of Ellery; because Kelly, the character Ephron wrote, loves the curves and cuts of the pieces and frankly she has no time to love another brand.

You've-Got-Mail-1Ellery’s 70s-inspired tailoring strikes a careful balance between restraint and romance. The Australian brand and its creative director Kym Ellery has wooed women the world over, and Kathleen Kelly wouldn’t be an exception. Known for dramatic bell-bottoms and light butterfly sleeves, the tailored flare rules at this brand.

Ellery has carved a glamorous lifestyle, globetrotting and making friends with famous international actresses and musicians, and I presume Kelly would want that worldly magic to strike her beautiful mind and soul. She’s a writer that has always dreamed of visiting the Médoc in France, because she would love to take a cooking workshop with Mimi Thorisson and her husband. She’s been accumulating her own ‘what to wear when in France’ mini collection that is mostly striped T-shits and espadrilles and a new expensive camera, that has yet to be used and will be inaugurated during her adventure. She reads Vogue to catch up on the fashion world and what’s hot and what’s not!

youve-got-mail-meg-ryan-and-heather-burnsHowever, she always plays it by intuition, if she likes the dress she’ll buy and treasure it until its reveal time. She’s still rocking her pixie cut to showcase her collection of statement earrings. She watches documentary and foreign award wining films with her now husband Joe Fox. They go out shopping for fresh produce every weekend to cook their weekly dinners with their family and friends…

shopThey are happily ever after, with a few bumps in the road, they forgive each other every night to start tomorrow with a new slate. They are in sync, mentally as well as emotionally. And I suppose that dear Kathleen Kelly sleeps like a baby as she has the perfect wardrobe, job, and husband, respectively.


Alessandro’s Gucci


The man who changed the brand.

By Felwa Alhudaithy

Alessandro Michele has been working for Gucci since 2002. But none of us heard about him until January of last year, when he got appointed as the new creative director of Gucci, after Frida Giannini’s exit from the Italian brand. This was the best decision the Italian fashion house has ever made!

From then on, Michele created a different Gucci, full of femininity and delicate details, florals, loads of accessories, statement shoes and bags that women went crazy for, therefore establishing a completely different brand identity within 12 months and two seasons. There is not a single fashion magazine that doesn’t write about Gucci’s new approach to fashion. From his campaigns with unknown models in New York’s subway, to his campaign films, he simply reinvented the Gucci woman as a playful, vintage inspired, and down to earth spirit; basically the well-traveled girl next door.

When most people think of Gucci, they think of the Tom Ford era of Gucci — slinky dresses with plunging necklines, unforgettable ads, and those immaculate cuts. Michele’s Gucci couldn’t be more different! The talented designer brought out a familiar Gucci soul- albeit a new revamped version of it. There are the well-known house signatures like the classic loafers, interlocking G’s and red stripes. But combined with mink coats, androgynous suits, wallpaper florals, tilted berets and geeky glasses; those simple trinkets seem to have evoked characters from a Wes Anderson film and stolen the hearts of fashion editors worldwide.

As the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Each season, the pressure on Michele will be to continue the momentum he’s brought to the runway and to retain the consumer’s attention. So the question is: can his ‘new old’ be the ticket to ultimate success?

His spring collection was as colorful and dreamy as ever; we saw Lurex knits, natty box pleated skirt suits, silky bomber jackets, corsages, ladybird stamped ties and futuristic Mary Janes. It was a mix of quirky and immaculately executed granny clothing… The kind you’d want to own! He put all the models in glasses, piled on the jewelry as he himself wears, and played a well-played fur game, not to mention those to die for mules. In short, Michele awakened the house of Gucci out of its fashion slumber and thrust it back into fashion conversation.

What’s new in the Gucci world you might ask? A blessed fashion show, LITERALLY! Gucci’s Cruise collection will be held at London’s most iconic church, Westminster Abbey, in June. What can we expect? The unexpected of course! It’s Michele’s world and we’re living in it.

Shop it at:


C’est Ma Vie: Art, Where Art Thou?

Cest Ma Vie Art Where Art Thou

I’ve been dreading writing anything about art… Not because I don’t appreciate it. The fact is, I cherish it so much. I love art, I love artists, and I even love the bohemian life! When I think of an artist, I see him/her roaming the streets looking for inspiration. I see a picture of chaos, a beautiful mind, and an endless soul that can be resurrected by the eyes of admirers.

Needless to say, my vision is almost non-existence in modern times. Today, to call yourself an artist, you have to work on YOU. You have to brand yourself, you have to collect followers, make them admire you, you, and you. The art in itself is long lost!

Today if you’re a so-called painter, illustrator, or even a sculptor, you have to be moderately well known to sell yourself. When people buy your pieces they buy you, they actually want to say I got this from so and so, and I will treasure it always, or until I find the next novel ‘it’ thing. Even though older souls believe that art, fashion and other in vogue entities are pointless in this time and age, I do see their argument as shallow and narrow minded. Even though I now feel compelled to let you know that I know that clothes and other material artifacts don’t save lives, and that I know that my wish list will not save the world. That just because I can report on the seasonal iterations of hem lines and shoes and all the hot news of new designers or the ever changing trends, it doesn’t mean that I think that there is nothing in this world more important than fashion. But isn’t this the point!

How did we as human beings evolve, through it all, wars and all? We simply and successfully cultivated our society. If there was a world war, we wrote stories, poems, and plays about it. We painted pictures and took photos of dying children to document it all. In the face of random attacks and bombings that happen more frequently than any point in history, now more than ever culture is imperative. Everything is imperative in the face of human suffering. Everything. And that includes laughing and producing and living and creating – it’s all valid and significant when confronted with something so dark and dangerous that we struggle to know how to react. It isn’t just fashion. It isn’t just me. It isn’t just you. We are the things we do, the books we read, and the instagram posts we capture! Art today is our savior, we need those tortured souls to surface and take charge and paint us a brighter merrier future.

Check more C’est Ma Vie blog on: Felwa Alhudaithy Blogspot

Shop it: 

Calvin Klein silk Satin Gown
Aquazzura Gigi105 Metallic Leather Sandals
Oscar De La Renta Clip Silk Pom Pom and Beaded Clip On Earrings
The Row Cashmere and Silk blend Wrap Cardigen
Lee savage Silver Brass Cross Stack Clutch



The Working Girl


“I’m opening my own business!”

Haven’t we all heard that phrase? I almost started a candy shop, but due to the lack of ‘encouragement’ the spark quickly fizzled out.

Since then, my life has brought me to people and experiences that are so enticingly beautiful, that I know now that if it’s written in the stars, it’ll happen even years beyond you’re expiration date.

Speaking of business, almost everyone has one, whether it’s a cupcakery, fashion line, hair salon, spa, or an Instagram-based boutique. We need more lady-businesses, yes we need a modern face to our existence, and yes we need more more more… of everything.

I do believe that we are leaping to a better time where women rule their workplace.

However, to do so we need the guidance of our mature mates. Women have always been active in their households, from cooking and selling preserves to sewing to the neighborhood wives and daughters. Now the same rule applies, my friends sell food on Instagram or are designers or tailors to their friends… What else is new? Nothing. What should be done? A LOT.


We need a community to weed out the weak, to encourage the talented without being biased, and we need to be creative in our process.

During my heroine’s journey, I want her to be strong. I want her to know what she wants; I want her to be prepared for the worst, yet hope for the best. I know the road is long and sometimes she’ll find herself alone, afraid and hopeless. Yet if she has that ‘it’ spark, she’ll manage all the trials and be stronger and will always be ready for the fight.

As much as I want the journey to be easy, I want it to mold her into the woman she’s destined to be. She has to have a burning passion and a strong sense of identity. She must be dressed to the nines; she has to be quaffed yet she has to look effortless, there’s nothing more appalling than a woman who’s trying too hard.

She has to love shoes, because the right shoes can alter one’s destiny!


The Romance of Being Alone


Pensive autumn inspired style.

“Certain places seem to exist mainly because someone has written about them. Kilimanjara belongs to Ernest Hemingway. Oxford, Mississippi belongs to William Faulkner, and one hot July week in Oxford I was moved to spend an afternoon walking the graveyard looking for his stone, a kind of courtesy call on the owner of the property. A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his image…”
Joan Didion, “In the Islands”

There’s something in the air. A crispness, shrug on that extra-large cardigan you’ve been saving, get yourself a fuzzy blanket, have eggs and soldiers in bed. Things are getting cold-er here in Riyadh. There’s something about winter that demands that you feel it. There’s a certain romance about winter – A new beginning, a new season, a new life. If only we had snow…

We know that solitude is very important in any human’s life, and girls, oh girls, need it most. When life gets hard, when the tough gets going, know that in every decision little may it seem, you’ve made progress. I’ve been re-watching My So-Called Life, the epic 90s ill-fated series that was cut short in the prime of its youthfulness.

Angela Chase’s voiceovers should be collected in a book of how to speak to oneself and excel at it! After watching a few episodes, everything fit into its place, it didn’t seem astonishing for my ‘style’ mood to rush into a 90s haze. I even cut my locks into the same bob I had when I was 10 years old.

Coincidence, much? I, you, me – we are all seeped in nostalgia. Take our current preference for the beauty of everything vintage, fashion, music, and art, from platform mules to crop tops, ankle socks, shirt-dresses, mini backpacks, flares, from 60s pop music to art deco furniture.

It’s not just about being a hipster and rejecting the new because it’s too new or mainstream. It’s an actual physical reaction to our high-tech-orientated world of instant, on one scale, and boredom on the other. Through it all, romancing oneself, visiting previously known and loved spaces of mind is perennial.

Get to know yourself, invite yourself to lunch, talk to your soul, dress for yourself, stop depriving yourself from small pleasures, and most importantly let go of the baggage.

This afternoon I inadvertently celebrated the romance of being alone when I found myself… alone. I made a cup of tea, and ate a perfect piece of chocolate cake, and listened to Francoise Hardy’s records. Now this is happiness in all its glory.


Shop it:


7Green Quixote Cat Eye Sunglasses
by Ellery

6Webby Leather Sandal
by Gucci

3Crystal-embellished necklace
by Miu Miu

5Set of two Fairy Tale books:Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm

4Matelassé leather & printed calf hair shoulder bag
by Miu Miu

2Organic Wool Lace Up Front Charley Sweater
by Isabel Marant


Fashion and Ballet: When Two Worlds Collide

Fashion Ballet

How they inspire each other.

Ballet fitness is still a growing trend. Since the very beginning of ballet, the dance form has both inspired and been inspired by high fashion. There seems to be a never-ending dance between both worlds, both influencing one another throughout the centuries.

Ballet’s ethereal quality is an appealing trait to fashion designers. The sense of beauty and sophistication it bestows cannot be denied. It is in fact due to ballet’s costume designers bringing their own style and professional fashion expertise to the stage that fashion became a part of this art form.

A ballet performance requiring original costumes only grew more customary as time went on. In the 19th century when ballerinas such as Geneviève Gosselin, Marie Taglioni and Fanny Elssler experimented with new techniques such as pointe work, new shoe and dress designs were introduced, often intriguing both designers and the public.

This brought forth the balletic ideal of light and that ‘pure movement’ look we all know and adore. Movies have also made use of this art form, from “Funny Face,” where Audrey Hepburn dances a more contemporary form of ballet, to “The Red Shoes,” one of my beloved classics, the red ballet shoes.

Also Moira Shearer’s flaming copper hair, her topaz-colored ball gown as she ascends the steps of a crumbling south-of-France villa, is one of the most striking visions of ballet on film.

More recently, “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman influenced spring runway lines. Chanel sent numerous looks down the catwalk that reflected the gothic, dark look of Portman’s character.

Ballet and fashion have inspired each other for as long as performers have been dressing up and dancing.