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C’est Ma Vie: Art, Where Art Thou?

I’ve been dreading writing anything about art… Not because I don’t appreciate it. The fact is, I cherish it so much. I love art, I love artists, and I even love the bohemian life! When I think of an artist, I see him/her roaming the streets looking for inspiration. I see a picture of chaos, a beautiful mind, and an endless soul that can be resurrected by the eyes of admirers.

Needless to say, my vision is almost non-existence in modern times. Today, to call yourself an artist, you have to work on YOU. You have to brand yourself, you have to collect followers, make them admire you, you, and you. The art in itself is long lost!

Today if you’re a so-called painter, illustrator, or even a sculptor, you have to be moderately well known to sell yourself. When people buy your pieces they buy you, they actually want to say I got this from so and so, and I will treasure it always, or until I find the next novel ‘it’ thing. Even though older souls believe that art, fashion and other in vogue entities are pointless in this time and age, I do see their argument as shallow and narrow minded. Even though I now feel compelled to let you know that I know that clothes and other material artifacts don’t save lives, and that I know that my wish list will not save the world. That just because I can report on the seasonal iterations of hem lines and shoes and all the hot news of new designers or the ever changing trends, it doesn’t mean that I think that there is nothing in this world more important than fashion. But isn’t this the point!

How did we as human beings evolve, through it all, wars and all? We simply and successfully cultivated our society. If there was a world war, we wrote stories, poems, and plays about it. We painted pictures and took photos of dying children to document it all. In the face of random attacks and bombings that happen more frequently than any point in history, now more than ever culture is imperative. Everything is imperative in the face of human suffering. Everything. And that includes laughing and producing and living and creating – it’s all valid and significant when confronted with something so dark and dangerous that we struggle to know how to react. It isn’t just fashion. It isn’t just me. It isn’t just you. We are the things we do, the books we read, and the instagram posts we capture! Art today is our savior, we need those tortured souls to surface and take charge and paint us a brighter merrier future.

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