Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

8 Golden Rules for Staying Fit And Fab in Ramadan

8 Golden Rules for Staying Fit And Fab in Ramadan

Another year, another Ramadan, and another bunch of resolutions to break… In true Ramadan etiquette, I have compiled the golden rules for surviving another holy month the modern way:

Love thy body.
Start iftar with a glass of water and a dash of lemon. It’s perfect for digestion and will make your face clearer and glowing with inner shine. Don’t forget to hydrate as much as you can. Water is so important to your both your body and skin; also it will get rid of all the toxins that build up during the day.
Move your way to a better body.
Don’t forget your gorgeous body this summer. Take care of it, for Eid is right around the corner and you have to get into those frocks you’ve been accumulating for Eid celebrations! Walk, swim, practice yoga, Pilates, ballet… Just keep moving!
Shop kaftans.
The kaftan is the most important piece of ‘thread’ during Ramadan. You’ll live in those forgiving dresses… Shop your favorite from national to international designers. We love Razan Alazzouni’s subtle approach. We also love The Row’s classic cuts. Maje has one cute summer- inspired short kaftan that I’m diey to.
Eat clean.
Always and forever, eat good food. Opt for avocados on toast for suhur, an acai bowl, or fruit salad with a dollop of vanilla yogurt. I love Deliciously Ella for recipe inspiration. I like cooking my meals, because I can escape my reality and dream; I cook quietly and try to send positive energy to my food.
Change up your beauty routine.
Use Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique bath oil. Inspired by Paris in the late 20s, the vibrant melange of avant-gardism and popular African culture that shaped the jazz era at that time; this oil promises to infuse in water, notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, African marigold, and bucchu before awakening a delicate bouquet of violet, jasmine petals and cyclamen prevails. After a long day, you’ll need the me time all by yourself, rejuvenated for the days ahead.
Document everything.
Stich your life together into a showcase of memories. Whether still or video, show off your creative mind and add to your scrapbook, and paint your life with your mind. You’ll love your project when it’s completed by Eid time.
Except your limitations.
You can’t change the world. You can only change yourself.
Do a good deed every single day.
Whether giving away 1 riyal, or just smiling to strangers… Open your heart to people, help others, and be the best version of you.

Shop it:

Ranjana Khan Fringe Embellished Circle Earrings
Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11 Embellished Circle Earrings
Ray-Ban sunglasses
737512_fr_xl Round-frame acetate and gold-tone sunglasses
Tibi Off the shoulder midi dress
Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11 Off the Shoulder midi dress
Maje embroidered mini dress

Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11
Embroidered mini dress

Manebi suede espadrilles
647229_fr_xl Manebi suede espadrilles

LD Carey the Mimi hat
Screen Shot 1437-09-01 at 11 The Mimi hat

Felwa AlHudaithy is a fashion writer, entrepreneur, and an insightful blogger behind C’est Ma Vie


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