The Working Girl

“I’m opening my own business!”

Haven’t we all heard that phrase? I almost started a candy shop, but due to the lack of ‘encouragement’ the spark quickly fizzled out.

Since then, my life has brought me to people and experiences that are so enticingly beautiful, that I know now that if it’s written in the stars, it’ll happen even years beyond you’re expiration date.

Speaking of business, almost everyone has one, whether it’s a cupcakery, fashion line, hair salon, spa, or an Instagram-based boutique. We need more lady-businesses, yes we need a modern face to our existence, and yes we need more more more… of everything.

I do believe that we are leaping to a better time where women rule their workplace.

However, to do so we need the guidance of our mature mates. Women have always been active in their households, from cooking and selling preserves to sewing to the neighborhood wives and daughters. Now the same rule applies, my friends sell food on Instagram or are designers or tailors to their friends… What else is new? Nothing. What should be done? A LOT.


We need a community to weed out the weak, to encourage the talented without being biased, and we need to be creative in our process.

During my heroine’s journey, I want her to be strong. I want her to know what she wants; I want her to be prepared for the worst, yet hope for the best. I know the road is long and sometimes she’ll find herself alone, afraid and hopeless. Yet if she has that ‘it’ spark, she’ll manage all the trials and be stronger and will always be ready for the fight.

As much as I want the journey to be easy, I want it to mold her into the woman she’s destined to be. She has to have a burning passion and a strong sense of identity. She must be dressed to the nines; she has to be quaffed yet she has to look effortless, there’s nothing more appalling than a woman who’s trying too hard.

She has to love shoes, because the right shoes can alter one’s destiny!

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