What Katy Wore Next

By Felwa Alhudaithy, C’est Ma Vie

Modern day “You’ve Got Mail.”

Last night I watched a riveting documentary about famed writer and director Nora Ephron. It revolved around her youth, her trials and errors, as well as her enchanting journey.

548a8dd0bc4b2_-_rbk-iconic-workwear-meg-ryan-youve-got-mail-s2If we watch the slow evolution of Ephron’s style in both writing and fashion, we’ll soon discover that fashion dominated her life. Even throughout her movies, we see her leading women as she writes them, trendy, funny and always witty. If I was one of her leading women, I’d be Kathleen Kelly from “You’ve Got Mail.” I am being totally biased here, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

If I had a chance to deconstruct Meg Ryan’s wardrobe in the film and modernize it without losing the soul of her character, I think I’ll end up with classic lines and a closet full of Ellery; because Kelly, the character Ephron wrote, loves the curves and cuts of the pieces and frankly she has no time to love another brand.

You've-Got-Mail-1Ellery’s 70s-inspired tailoring strikes a careful balance between restraint and romance. The Australian brand and its creative director Kym Ellery has wooed women the world over, and Kathleen Kelly wouldn’t be an exception. Known for dramatic bell-bottoms and light butterfly sleeves, the tailored flare rules at this brand.

Ellery has carved a glamorous lifestyle, globetrotting and making friends with famous international actresses and musicians, and I presume Kelly would want that worldly magic to strike her beautiful mind and soul. She’s a writer that has always dreamed of visiting the Médoc in France, because she would love to take a cooking workshop with Mimi Thorisson and her husband. She’s been accumulating her own ‘what to wear when in France’ mini collection that is mostly striped T-shits and espadrilles and a new expensive camera, that has yet to be used and will be inaugurated during her adventure. She reads Vogue to catch up on the fashion world and what’s hot and what’s not!

youve-got-mail-meg-ryan-and-heather-burnsHowever, she always plays it by intuition, if she likes the dress she’ll buy and treasure it until its reveal time. She’s still rocking her pixie cut to showcase her collection of statement earrings. She watches documentary and foreign award wining films with her now husband Joe Fox. They go out shopping for fresh produce every weekend to cook their weekly dinners with their family and friends…

shopThey are happily ever after, with a few bumps in the road, they forgive each other every night to start tomorrow with a new slate. They are in sync, mentally as well as emotionally. And I suppose that dear Kathleen Kelly sleeps like a baby as she has the perfect wardrobe, job, and husband, respectively.

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