Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Jewelers

The Jewelers

Although we have plenty of noteworthy jewelry designers in Jeddah, we caught up with just a few to get their inside stories.

By Anousha Vakani



Name: Sabah Maqolah
Title: Jewelry Designer

Instagram: sabah_jewelry
Twitter: sabah_Moagolah

Location: Red Sea Mall, Gate 2


What’s your brand and how would you describe your designs?

My brand name is Sabah Jewelry. I have a great passion for gemstones, so I work mostly with them. I buy mainly from the International Gem and Jewelry Show, which is usually held in different states of the US. I try to attend the largest show possible with the largest number of exhibitors from of all over the world so I can have a rich collection of beautiful and rare gemstones.

Where can we find your collections?

My collections are found at my shop in the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah and we are currently working on opening a new branch in Jeddah Mall.

Who’s your icon/favorite jewelry brand?

I love the work of most of the famous jewelry designers but as for the old houses, I love the designs of Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier. In more recent designs I love the work of Cathy Waterman, Gurhan, and Marco Bicego who plays with gemstones and pearls in an elegant way.

Favorite stone?

My favorite gemstone is a Diamond, which is also my birthstone. But like most Saudi women, I love ruby. I also adore Labradorite stone – it enchants me.





Name: Leena Mohamed EL Khereiji and Hala Mohamed El Khereiji
Leena: Co-Owner and Designer
Hala: Co-Owner and Business Developer

Instagram: charmaleena
Tel: +966-12-6121377


How would you describe your designs?

Charmaleena always pushes boundaries and aims to fascinate even more. Our collections celebrate the joy of love, freedom, strength and growth through the journey of life. Not forgetting the poetry that shapes our search and appreciation of true love with words that will never fail to charm.

What are you working on right now? What’s the inspiration for your upcoming collection?

I like the element of surprise, I’m working on the next collection that I will launch in April 2016 at the same exhibition where I was awarded first place, the International Jewelry Salon Exhibition in Jeddah and Riyadh. As a Saudi jewelry designer, a lot of my art pieces are inspired by my heritage, Arabic poetry, and calligraphy, and capture influences from time spent abroad.

Who’s your icon/favorite jewelry brand?

A few jewelry houses that are personal favorites include Degrisogono for their creative different pieces, Bogart’s classic and artistic Van Cleef & Arpels, and Cartier’s eternity.

Where can we find your collections?

You can view all our collections by visiting our website or our Jeddah Showroom located on Al Rawdah Street in El Khereiji Group Building. We also ship within the Middle East and Europe.





Name: Tasneem Eshki
Title: Brand Owner/Designer

Instagram: tasneemeshki


What’s your brand and how would you describe your designs?

My brand is TasneemEshki. My designs are inspired by prayer beads so each piece holds 33 or 99 beads. My pieces can be used for spiritual meditation or simply enjoyed for their artistic design.

Where can we find your collections?

You can find and purchase my pieces at Etre department store in Red Sea Mall, and view them on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest accounts.

What are you working on right now? What’s the inspiration for your upcoming collection?

I am currently working on Hajj/Summer collection. Nature, people, conversations, relationships and ideas always inspire my designs.

Upcoming trend you’re excited about?

I am excited about the autumn color trend this year, some of which include shades of pink for emotions, shades of red for humanity and shades of blue for dreams.

Who’s your icon/favorite jewelry brand?

I love jewelry that hold meanings and pieces that are inspired by cultures or by art like Frey Wille.




Lillian Ismail

Name: Lillian Ismail
Title: Brand Owner/Designer

Instagram: lillianismail


What’s your brand and how would you describe your designs?

Lillian Ismail is the brand name I started as my graduation project in Dar AlFikr when I was a senior in high school. Through my designs, I try “to bring the past to present in a reflection of a jewel.” In other words, my designs are all inspired by traditional jewelry with a modern twist to them. My pieces make the buyer and the owner proud of where they come from, or at least appreciate culture and tradition.

What are you working on right now?

My team and I want to expand Jadela within the country and around the Gulf. I will be focusing on my last two years of college which will be very tough and challenging as I get closer to graduation. We hope to produce a new collection in 2016. Finally, a small surprise for our customers: we are happy to bring back our coin pieces in the near future!

Where can we find your collections?

The full women’s collection from Jadela is available at AlNadera Jewelry in Tahlia. To support Saudi entrepreneurs and websites, I am currently selling my pieces through and soon As for the men’s pieces, they can be found at Lomar.

One essential piece of jewelry you can’t leave the house without?

One piece that I can’t leave the house without is a diamond ring I received as a gift from my father in my early teenage years. It is not only a sentimental and valuable piece, wearing it has become a habit. I love seeing a diamond sparkle on my hand everyday.




Yataghan Jewellery

Name: Sarah Abudawood
Title: Owner and Designer

Instagram: myyataghan
Twitter: myyataghan

Mob: +971-505050749


How would you describe your designs?

My designs are traditionally classic and timeless, yet they are modern and wearable wrapped in a contemporary artistic aesthetic. I am inspired by my love for architectural photography and try to infuse that with aesthetics from my heritage, I am especially mesmerized by Arabic typography. Yataghan is about celebrating your individuality and I believe culture is a big part of who you are. I believe that jewelry should be powerful and glamorous – a reflection of the women in this region.

Tell us more about your collections.

We create pieces mainly customized to truly reflect the spirit and the unique taste and individuality of a person. My first collection was the Allah collection as I believe everything should start with faith. The second collection is “Isme,” which is a play on the words “is me” and also translates to “my name” in Arabic.

I believe jewelry should be unique and customized because that’s how people figure out who you are. The “Harfi” collection, which translates to “my letter,” consists of lighter, more affordable pieces. I am also working on collections that continue to reflect women’s strength and empowerment.

Where can we find your collections?

Yataghan can be found in our showroom on the first floor of The Store (Homegrown Market). Instagram is our main platform and all orders are placed through email and Whatsapp.

One essential piece of jewelry you can’t leave the house without?

I always like to have one sentimental piece on me, whether it’s from my mother, father or my husband as it reminds me of who I am and where I come from.


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