Diriyah Seasonal Market at At-Turaif Park

Diryah Seasonal Market at At-turaif park in coming to Riyadh!

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has launched its “Seasonal Market” – A 10-week showcase of unique local products created by productive families, from home-cooked food and desserts, home-brewed coffee, and homegrown fruit and vegetables to handcrafted scents and garments. The initiative is part of DGDA’s efforts to revitalize the old quarters around historic Diriyah, including town squares and parks, and transform them into vibrant attractions for residents and visitors. The Authority seeks to empower local families and craftspeople to showcase and sell their unique handicrafts to not only generate business for them but also to revive the city’s historic lifestyle through multiple outlets and new opportunities to promote their craftsmanship.

Located at At-Turaif Park next to At-Turaif visitors center, which can be reached through Bujairi Terrace. The market will take place every Wednesday to Saturday from 4 pm until 11:30 pm, from now until mid-May 2023.


In the past, the Seasonal Market was held in Wadi Hanifah, between the west side of At-Turaif Historical District and the east side of Bujairi Terrace. The Seasonal Market name reflects the diverse range of shops that once served Diriyah’s population, which had something to offer everyone.

DGDA’s ongoing work at Diriyah is aimed at conserving the ancient city’s heritage, showcasing its historical and cultural significance, enhancing the sense of belonging in the hearts and minds of Saudis of all ages, and ensuring that the knowledge of their ancestors lives on.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday, after 4pm: SAR 100

Thursday, after 4pm: SAR 200

All day Friday and Saturday: SAR 200

For more information and to buy tickets for the market, please visit:  https://www.diriyah.sa/en/



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