From the Past with Love: Nostalgia

Pre-loved luxury vintage with the Nostalgia club

With a burning passion and a love for vintage fashion, Hatoon Abdul Latif embarked on a journey to share her love for luxury fashion with the world. With a degree in Luxury Management, she is well-versed in authenticity, counterfeiting, and all of the origin stories of luxury brands.

She launched The Nostalgia Club just a few years ago. Since then, it has earned a niche in the luxury industry as a reliable brand that guarantees authentic pre-loved designer items from the world’s most exclusive brands shipping globally, housed in Homegrown in Jeddah, and Les Spot in Dubai.

Hatoon answered some of the most frequently asked questions on all things preloved luxury.


What is Pre-loved fashion?
It is often understood as something that was previously owned ie. “Used” or “Second-hand” fashion items that belonged to someone else. To be honest, using the preferred wording of “Pre-loved” or “Pre-owned” actually provides a true reflection of what they are. To me, being pre-loved is being part of someone’s journey or story. These items have all led a previous life by their previous owners; they traveled through time and have been loved along the way. In a world where so many things are made to be disposable, Preloved items honor the quality and history of these rare authentic luxury pieces.

What is the appeal behind pre-loved fashion?
Many people perceive preloved as something old, possibly dirty, or unattractive. Many assume that buying preloved reflects one’s lack of means to buy something new, which remains a taboo within our societies. However, things are changing. Shopping preloved became more accessible from sites that revolutionized the whole idea of preloved. Moreover, if we take a closer look at the quality today, one can notice that the types of leather made in the old days are better made than today’s leather quality. The term “they don’t make them like that anymore” fits the description of preloved luxury items.

Is Pre-loved Fashion more sustainable?
Fashion is not just about owning the trendiest styles or items. Consumers today are pricing the environmental footprint of what they own—buying preloved slows down the fast-fashion cycle and the impact this has on low-paid workers in unsafe environments. Buying preloved also reduces unsustainable new production, minimizes waste from landfills, and extends product lifespan.

How does one authenticate a pre-loved piece? What are the main elements a buyer could check to guarantee whether their next purchase is genuine?
There are several methods to ensure product authenticity. We rely on our extensive experience and expertise in the world of preloved luxury items, which has enabled us to authenticate any item in person easily. We also utilize a scientifically proven AI authentication solution.  Moreover, we source from more than just anyone or anywhere! We have certified professionals and authentication sources that reconfirm the authenticity of the items. That is also coupled with our detailed authenticity process that includes evaluating manufacturing date codes, serial numbers, and more.

How does The Nostalgia Club procure its collection?
We began our business with an extensive private collection sourced from international travel. We also collaborate with a large network of sellers worldwide to find the rarest and most exclusive finds, as well as directly from our vintage-lover clients.

What are some of the best vintage investment pieces?
Chanel flap bags and Hermes Kelly or Birkin remain the crème de le crème of vintage designer pieces that might cost a lot but are worth the investment in the long run. Recently, the Fendi Baguette has joined the list.


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