Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The 2021 Wheel of Trends: A Winter Fashion Round-up

The 2021 Wheel of Trends: A Winter Fashion Round-up

As the year goes by‭, ‬new fashion trends come and go but the innovation by local designers is revolutionizing the contemporary scene‭. ‬Here is‭ ‬a list of fashion brands to look out for this winter‭. ‬

Winter Fashion is mix of chic and comfy‭ ‬


Orange Blossom‭ ‬

A brand catering to working women who follow the vision of the country’s modern side. Orange Blossom designs its pieces by keeping up with the latest trends and where locally manufactured items are affordable!

Instagram: orangeblossomksa



Lomar has consistently been recognized for its exquisite abayas and thobes- revolutionizing traditional garments with a modern twist. This winter, Lomar brings you their cozy and stylish winter collection that encompasses the true Lomar style gearing you for the upcoming cold months. 

Instagram:‭ ‬‭ ‬lomarthob


So Atelier‭ ‬

Stay warm with SO Atelier. Their winter collection is one way to stay stylish this season with their farwas. 




Designer Ahmad Alwohaibi’s streetwear brand Too Dark to See Tomorrow opens its wide doors to contemporary, stylish, and modern outerwear creating a personality for each member.  

Instagram:‭‭ ‬2d2c2m


Urbn Lot

Are you looking to spice up your style? Urbn Lot houses hoodies and more that will live up to your fashionable taste. They import their selected brands from the U.S. and push forward the streetwear lifestyle. 

Instagram:‭ urbnlot



Since 2018, they’ve been creating sophisticated, modest collections with a modern twist. This winter collection by Leem is a selection of cozy and comfortable pieces to keep the urban touch in your fashion sense! 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬


The Pop Up Store

The store is home to a wide selection of unique wear from hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets that you would not find anywhere else! Stay up to the trend with Pop Up Store.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬popupstoresa



The best of all worlds! Pattern presents art, fashion, and lifestyle straight to you. With its fashion sense, each piece portrays its own character symbolizing uniqueness oushing forward the streetwear lifestyle. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬patterns_sa‭ ‬



Keeping culture alive with fashion! Contemporary and still close to home, Qormuz is a brand that merges modernity in Bishts,  while still maintaining the Saudi culture. Their winter collection this year focuses on Saudi traditional attire during the harsh desert winter season. 

Instagram:‭ ‬qormuz‭



Winter is cozy this year with Elche! Bishts and coats with different shades and styles are brought to us this winter with the brilliant brand, Elche. Their outfits are fit for all occasions and will uplift your fashion game.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬

An outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories‭! ‬



Inspired by streetwear, Llus presents modern and comfortable jewelry that makes each woman stand out with her individuality. With Llus, you can rock every style giving you an edgy or elegant feel. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬llusthebrand


By Noora Shawqi‭ ‬

The brand is highly inspired by the eyeful beauty of places from around the world. Morocco, Maldives, and more, you will find your favorite jewelry pieces at Noura Shawqi’s brand.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬by.noorashawqi‭ ‬


MKS Jewelry

To MKS, each jewel tells a story. Founded in 2013 by a woman of wonders, her royal highness Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa, MKS Jewelry is dedicated to empowering as they express themselves with the pieces of MKS. With its unique and contemporary pieces, you are instantly elevated with the beauty of each. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬mksjewelry


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