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By Bassma Al Toaimi

Meet two designers who emerged from the Ot Kutyr platform and wowed Jeddah with their designs.

Ot Kutyr is a high-end fashion brand aimed at enriching the fashion scene in Jeddah.



I am Alaa Serafi, 24 years old with a BA in Fashion Design.

I work as a designer for Ot Kutyr fashion house. I create Alaa Vêtements brand, which is about modernization with basic cut and plain colors.

What I love about designing is the ability to express my imagination and creativity through drawing. There are no limits, no rights or wrongs.

My fashion icons are Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen.

My advice to you Believe in yourself, your strengths and qualities. It will never be easy but you will learn and grow. Nothing is impossible when you work very hard to reach your goal.

Email: info@otkutyr.com
Instagram: otkutyrfashionhouse



I am Samar Nasraldin, creative director of Atulier, a contemporary women’s wear brand.

You can find my designs at Rubaiyat department stores starting September, or email info@otkutyr.com.

What I love about designing is the process of an abstract idea turning into a physical object.

My fashion icons are Yohji Yamamoto and Alaia. I like how they contradict each other in a way.

Essential pieces in every closet are black skinny jeans and a good plain white t-shirt.

My fashion pet peeve Exaggeration.

My advice to you Be original and commit to that.

Email: info@otkutyr.com
Instagram: atulier

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