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Juffali Automotive Launches Professional Development Program: Paving the Way for Saudi Youth in Partnership with Mercedes-Benz

Juffali recruitment initiative

Juffali Automotive Company, the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz in the Kingdom, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking professional development program aimed at providing new career opportunities for young Saudis. This innovative program, scheduled to commence on June 20th, 2023, represents a strategic recruitment initiative targeted at talented and qualified young professionals. It offers comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring specifically within the official Mercedes-Benz vehicle maintenance departments located in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Aligned with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), this program aims to create employment opportunities for both men and women in the public and private sectors. By focusing on human resources development and social advancement, Juffali Automotive’s initiative contributes to the overarching goals of HADAF.

In light of this significant announcement, Khalid Al-Nahari, Head of HR and Governmental Relations at Al Juffali Automotive, emphasized the program’s transformative potential for young professionals seeking a rewarding career path. He stated, “The new program offers young individuals the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience within a leading multinational automotive corporation. It not only supports the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 but also demonstrates our commitment to training Saudi graduates from both local and foreign universities. We are dedicated to equipping young Saudis with the essential skills needed to excel in today’s competitive job market, all while upholding the globally recognized standards of Mercedes-Benz.”

Juffali Automotive’s professional development program serves as a crucial step towards empowering Saudi youth, preparing them for prosperous futures in the automotive industry. By providing practical training and exposure within a prestigious multinational corporation, the program ensures that participants are well-equipped to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving world of work.

Through this strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Juffali Automotive demonstrates its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which seeks to transform the country into a global hub for various sectors, including automotive. By nurturing local talent and facilitating their integration into leading multinational corporations, Juffali Automotive plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and fostering sustainable development in the Kingdom.

The launch of this professional development program marks an important milestone in Juffali Automotive’s ongoing dedication to talent development and the empowerment of Saudi youth. By providing aspiring professionals with hands-on experience and specialized training, Juffali Automotive takes a significant stride towards fulfilling the aspirations of Vision 2030, ensuring a brighter future for Saudi Arabia’s workforce and contributing to the nation’s overall progress.

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