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Audi Launches Exclusive “Kingdom Edition” Models in Saudi Arabia

Luxury car manufacturer, Audi, has introduced an exclusive and limited edition series of its luxury range of sedan and SUV derivatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The 93 highly exclusive Kingdom Edition models were launched to celebrate 93 years of the unification and patriotism of Saudi Arabia.

The Audi Kingdom Edition model range comprises the Audi S6, S7, A8, and Q8 models. The special range was specifically designed to align with the prestige credentials of Saudi Arabia. The Audi S6 and S7 sedans were selected for their high-performance sports engines while delivering distinctive exclusivity. The Audi A8 symbolizes masterful comfort and sporty handling with an extra-large interior exuding high seating comfort in the rear. At the same time, the Audi Q8 impressively combines the emotional lines of a sporty coupé with the spaciousness of an SUV.

The limited edition models come with unique specifications, such as an exclusive “Goodwood green” exterior paint option inspired by the Saudi Arabian flag, Kingdom Edition scuff plates, KSA map stitching in headrests, green rhombus pattern on floor mats, and Saudi-inspired digitized motifs in the door entry lights and rear window matting with rhombus pattern. All Saudi-exclusive models feature interior leather upholstery as standard.

Abdulaziz Moolla, General Manager of Audi Saudi Arabia, said, “The launch of these limited edition luxury models is a nod to the visionaries who have shaped the bright future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The launch of 93 special edition models is a unique tribute to the proud heritage of the 93 years since the country’s unification as a Kingdom.”

Furqan Ahmed, the Audi National Marketing Manager at Audi Saudi Arabia, added, “The Kingdom Edition is the first special edition Audi model range designed and inspired specifically for Saudi Arabia, a passion project for Audi Saudi Arabia that commemorates the Audi brand with Saudi Arabian heritage. Such an important tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deserves a unique celebration for each patriotic individual that purchases one of the 93 exclusive vehicles.”

The Audi Kingdom Edition models are available for viewing, reservation, and purchase online or by contacting Audi Saudi Arabia on 800 118 0099. The Audi A8 and Q8 Kingdom Edition models will be available in Audi Centers Kingdom-wide from February 26, 2023. This will be followed by the Audi S6 and S7 Kingdom Edition models in late March 2023.

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