The 11 Best Websites for Used Cars in Saudi Arabia

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We all know that the value of a new car depreciates fast. The older it gets, the depreciation curve tends to stabilize. No wonder there is a huge market for used cars.

The search for a used car can be exhaustive, but with these best websites for used cars in saudi arabia you can easily browse according to your need and contact car owners that are willing to sell their used cars. These websites are like a virtual car lot, in which you won’t have a salesman around your neck forcing you to check cars that you have no intention of buying. is a decent website to browse used cars provided that you don’t accidentally click those Google Adsense ad banners that are placed all over the website. however is not as popular as others on this list.

A noteworthy feature of this best website for used cars in saudi arabia is the ‘SMS ME’ feature. Through this feature you can fill a request of the car you want and once an ad for a car that matches your requirements is posted on the website it automatically sends you an SMS.

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The website is popular amongst those looking for higher-end used cars. Out of all countries in the Gulf, the most used cars the website has are from Saudi.

The list of cars for sale on this website is not extensive and visitors may find it a bit difficult to browse through. It is good for other items on sale but maybe not cars – at least for now.

Though not as popular in Saudi Arabia as compared to other Middle Eastern countries, has a user-friendly interface – which is a big plus, as most classified websites fare poor on this front. Out of all various classifieds on the website, used cars by far are on the forefront.

With a good presence in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general, is growing fast in becoming one of the best websites for used cars in saudi arabia today.

It has a good filtering system based on brand, body style and price amongst several other factors. It also has a popular car forum where you can discuss cars with others looking for used cars. In case, you switch your mind and want to purchase a 1st hand car, you can search for them on this website as well.

It claims to be the fastest glowing cars classifieds listing in the world. It is one of the best websites for used cars in saudi arabia, offering a commendable end-user experience. also offers easy-to-use advanced searching options.

Formerly Dubizzle in Saudi Arabia, the internationally renowned online classifieds marketplace has a decent amount of used cars on sale. However, while browsing the website one gets the impression as if the website was not made for selling used cars – contrary to the others on this list. It is however good for other items.

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Though it’s a mumbo-jumbo of numerous cars with poor filtering options, features one of the highest numbers of used cars in the country. However, of late many car agents have started to advertise on it posting as individual users.

Apart from selling used cars like the rest of the websites on this list, this website even features the latest car news. Based in Saudi Arabia, the cars listed on is extensive.

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