Honayda the Human and Brand

‘Perseverance is key’– Honayda Serafi ‘Perseverance is key’– Honayda Serafi

Honayda Serafi is no stranger to the spotlight, with her eccentric designs having reached international recognition. The Saudi designer has been featured in Forbes Middle East ‘Conquering the Global Fashion Industry’.

Having derived from a family of business-like minded people, Honayda began her own journey as an empowered entrepreneur. Being a huge advocate of fashion and business, Honayda implemented traits of her own personality into the brand creating a beautiful fusion between ‘Honayda the human and Honayda the brand’.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

The Jeddah based designer has continued to challenge the heights of fashion making sure that her purpose to empower women is apparent. Her initiatives involved launching a collection of lines such as “Driving Force” and “Evolution” both of which celebrate women in their own unique way.

Her creations have reached the likes of celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Lupita Nyong’o, giving the brand prestige the credibility as every designer knows that this is a key pillar that defines a high-end brand. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the businesswoman as through her quest for success came challenges. Honayda reflects back to her encounters.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

“I was definitely faced with a number of challenges. To start with, there was a lack of resources and know-how back when I debuted my collections. I had to travel and look for fabrics all by myself, without any kind of guidance. I made my mistakes and I learned alone along the process.”

The Fashion world has always been a competitive industry to diverse into with relentless rising competition but Honayda believes ‘perseverance is key’.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

Since gaining acceptance for her work, Honayda Serafi continues to use her platform to share her enthusiasm for the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia, adding “Prince Bader bin Farhan al Saud and HE Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez are doing wonderful work regarding the fashion industry, and I am sure more brands will see the light thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture.”

Honayda Serafi recently dropped her latest empowering collection FW/20 ‘Divine from the desert’. Her Amazighi roots played a central role in the season’s inspiration, from the imperial accessories to the geometrical shapes. The enchanting colors captivate the essence of the pure wilderness. The powerful collaboration of tones creates an elegant yet fierce presence in her designs. Inspired by the untouched nature in the Tunisian/Moroccan desert, the color orange emerges from the sand dunes whilst purple from the picturesque sky that was smoothly getting darker by the minute. 5f7a9896-copy

If there is one inspiring thought to leave you with is that the Saudi designer has stayed true to her purpose as all the collections “translate the elegance and femininity, but also strength and independence.”

Web: honayda.com
Instagram: honaydaofficial

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