Honayda the Human and Brand

‘Perseverance is key’– Honayda Serafi

Honayda Serafi is no stranger to the spotlight, with her eccentric designs having reached international recognition. The Saudi designer has been featured in Forbes Middle East ‘Conquering the Global Fashion Industry’.

Having derived from a family of business-like minded people, Honayda began her own journey as an empowered entrepreneur. Being a huge advocate of fashion and business, Honayda implemented traits of her own personality into the brand creating a beautiful fusion between ‘Honayda the human and Honayda the brand’.

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The Jeddah based designer has continued to challenge the heights of fashion making sure that her purpose to empower women is apparent. Her initiatives involved launching a collection of lines such as “Driving Force” and “Evolution” both of which celebrate women in their own unique way.

Her creations have reached the likes of celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Lupita Nyong’o, giving the brand prestige the credibility as every designer knows that this is a key pillar that defines a high-end brand. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the businesswoman as through her quest for success came challenges. Honayda reflects back to her encounters.

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“I was definitely faced with a number of challenges. To start with, there was a lack of resources and know-how back when I debuted my collections. I had to travel and look for fabrics all by myself, without any kind of guidance. I made my mistakes and I learned alone along the process.”

The Fashion world has always been a competitive industry to diverse into with relentless rising competition but Honayda believes ‘perseverance is key’.

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Since gaining acceptance for her work, Honayda Serafi continues to use her platform to share her enthusiasm for the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia, adding “Prince Bader bin Farhan al Saud and HE Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez are doing wonderful work regarding the fashion industry, and I am sure more brands will see the light thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture.”

Honayda Serafi recently dropped her latest empowering collection FW/20 ‘Divine from the desert’. Her Amazighi roots played a central role in the season’s inspiration, from the imperial accessories to the geometrical shapes. The enchanting colors captivate the essence of the pure wilderness. The powerful collaboration of tones creates an elegant yet fierce presence in her designs. Inspired by the untouched nature in the Tunisian/Moroccan desert, the color orange emerges from the sand dunes whilst purple from the picturesque sky that was smoothly getting darker by the minute. 5f7a9896-copy

If there is one inspiring thought to leave you with is that the Saudi designer has stayed true to her purpose as all the collections “translate the elegance and femininity, but also strength and independence.”

Web: honayda.com
Instagram: honaydaofficial


Brave New Saudi: Rakan Al Eidi


Turning a dream into reality.

Rakan Al Eidi, whose first name is Arabic for ‘knight’, lived up to his name by fighting his own battles, charging through the obstacles that fell his way, embracing entrepreneurship, and leading a modest narrative into his voyage of success.

He launched Chaizer Station, an app that locates the nearest charging station to power gadgets, in 2019 – a seven-year-old dream that he turned into reality.

How the app works: by scanning the PR code and adding your payment details, a located power bank will pop up at your nearest chosen Chaizer station location. Unlike most fixed charging stations, it facilitates the option to give customers a portable product, allowing them to roam freely with the charger and their device.

The idea was to develop a product that enhanced the quality of life and help people stay connected. After years of frustration with the power banks he had accumulated, Rakan decided to create a resourceful solution.

“Over the years during my time working as an entrepreneur, I realized tech start-ups are one of the great ways to change something. If you see something you don’t like, build an app or a start-up to fix it,” he says. Chaizer became the first company in the Middle East to provide this solution. With over 40 locations in Riyadh, the startup has accumulated over 2,000 rentals in just under a few months.1d9a2663-copy


Rakan’s career started with a job at a well-respected company, soon after earning his BA in Industrial Systems Engineering at King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. Being in a well-paid position with lots of incentives meant he was comfortable enough to support his family. The responsibilities of being a husband and a father did not go disregarded, as for five years, Rakan continued to work a job he no longer had a passion for.

“My second day at the job, I realized I was not an engineer. Sometimes you go to college, you study without realizing what you’re going to be. My biggest concern was getting out of my comfort zone and putting food on the table.”

After 18 Months in the desert, two years in an oil refinery, and many years spent in corporate, he decided to leave a position sought after by many and chase his own dream of running a business. In early 2009, Rakan took the leap with an MBA majoring in Entrepreneurship and HRM from the University of Queensland in Australia.

Growing up and experiencing the working-class, Rakan’s gratitude towards the hard work his parents had sacrificed for him meant he was also determined more than ever leave behind a legacy.

After returning to the Kingdom refreshed in 2012, Rakan started working at a company called Endeavour, helping medium-sized businesses grow into large ones. Four years later, Rakan felt he accomplished all he could. and left the company.

Shortly after, he began juggling two jobs: as the founder of Cown Space, a co-working space, and Chaizer Station. Rakan ended up dropping Chaizer Station to focus on Cown Space, which he believed would guarantee him a bigger profit. But things did not go smoothly. “I lost around a million riyals; the product was a failure.”

Rakan found himself going back to the drawing board and continuing with Chaizer Station, spending two years in its development, research, and testing before finally launching.

He has not looked back since, and has used the wisdom he learned from his journey to inform his decisions now. “I thought: when I turn 60 and I look back on my life, what would I tell my grandkids? Every decision I make, I ask myself if I am going to regret not doing it when I turn 60. If the answer is yes, then I do it.”

If you have an idea, pursue it. Launch your business. There is no time to perfect it first – you can perfect it as you go. Rakan Al Eidi


Saudi Makes History with 1st Film Festival

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Red Sea Film International festival is a new annual event that will kick off March 12 at the intricately carved historic town Al-Balad in Jeddah. 

Revolutionizing Saudi Arabia’s film market this initiative aims to support a new generation of creatives. The event is an advocate to film culture in Saudi Arabia and across the region, encouraging young film makers to channel their inner Spike Lee.

A diverse selection of 16 unique state-of-the-art productions have been drawn out of 120 submissions. The competition has scooped up global talent for the running, attracting international countries into this cinematic experience.

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Leading the jury will be American three-time academy award winner Oliver Stone.

Jeddah being ‘the trading hub of ideas’ has built a new complex to host the festival which includes; a coral theatre that holds a 1200 seat capacity, along with 4 other theatres to add to the mesmerizing experience.

The country’s first-ever international film festival, introduces a number of programs running alongside the event. The attractive incentives for creatives include; The Red Sea Souk that provides opportunity to connect with the Arab film scene, the exhibition offers dedicated booths to hold meetings and advertise new projects whilst the project market gives people the opportunity to meet Arab filmmakers.

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Festival master classes will be held from world renowned directors Spike lee, William Friedkin and Abel Fererra alongside Arab icons, Khairy Beshara and Yousry Nasrallah which are all part of the immersive experience that can be booked in advance.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and La Cinémathèque française, the festival has announced they will celebrate 100 years of the phenomenal Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini by introducing “When Fellini Dreamt of Picasso” exhibition.

A number of prestigious rewards are up for grabs under The Yusr Awards’ which acknowledge the courageous offering some of the biggest prizes, along with recognizing and honoring exceptional talent.

Introducing an additional platform to the Kingdom’s growing list of opportunities, depicts the country’s trend of transitions that continues to happen across the region.


1 Million SAR Prize in Saudi Games

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May the odds forever be in your favor as Saudi Arabia launch the first edition of its largest sporting event.

The Saudi Games have been announced by sports minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, which are set to start March 24 and conclude April 1. Themed ‘Heroes Amongst Us’, the event welcomes both male and female competitors, figures are expected to attract over 6,000 athletes from around the Kingdom. With fierce competition comes attractive top prizes for medalists with gold being SAR1,000,000.

Riyadh will host the event in 18 venues around the capital, featuring 40 sports – which include athletics, basketball, badminton and swimming.

Investing in the country’s sports has proven to be a positive change towards Saudi Arabia’s reputation, as it boosts employment and equal opportunity. The initiative, plans to create 2000 technical and administrative supervisory roles which in all reflects its optimism to reform the Kingdom.