Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Glocal Relevance

Glocal Relevance

Saudi’s contemporary sartorial aesthetic is inspired by a fine blend of identity, culture, and artisanship. Local designers have paired this with modern nuances to create pieces that not only resonate locally but are proving to be equally relevant on the global stage.

abadia51. Abadia

The aura of Abadia fashion exemplifies the epitome of pure art, which is visibly highlighted in their winter collection. The Farwa is crafted using traditional designs and incorporates Sadu pieces passed down through generations of handcrafted skills that draw affection towards the deep-rooted culture.

Instagram: abadiaofficial

sleysla-session-_-4152. Sleysla

Sleysla signifies a rich heritage that articulates globally through their heartwarmingly, various traditional handmade products. Their designs have a nostalgic feel, intimately connecting you to Saudi rooted patterns.

Instagram: Sleysla

faith11263. Faith

Faith embodies elegant wear with a 60’s-esque feel that will highlight your appearance anywhere, anytime. The essence of Faith is to promote traditional wear from Najd and Al Janoub. Wearing Faith’s leather coats with furs will give you an ultra-luxe feel.

Instagram: faith_sa_

84634. Hindamme

Talented Saudi designer Mohammed Khoja amplifies fashion by fusing prints representing ancient scriptures of Greco-Roman-style and Saudi heritage, which showcases an exciting shift in apparel shapes and hues while creating a sense of adventure discovery. In his new whimsical collection Khoja magnified the ancient art and culture and brought it to life in today’s contemporary realm.

Instagram: hindamme


5. Aram designs

Founded by Arwa Alammari, Aram is an award-winning fashion couture brand. With an ardent eye for art, culture, music, and theater, it is easy to see Arwa’s stylish soul in her clothes. With an extensive abstract line art affiliated with colors and silhouette, you can view her artistic intuition in the clothes and concepts themselves.

Instagram: aram_designs

6aedd653-b118-490d-96fd-a31e2e7c70206. Rana Ismail

Get warm with Rana Ismail’s winter collection of magnificent Farwa coats that make you feel royal. Her attires are crafted into unique velvet textured fabric with traditional patterns that touch your soul with a locally embedded essence.

Instagram: ranaismailofficial

dsc053257. Lama Albluwi

Lama Albluwi creates euphoric adventurous Western- Saudi designs for her clothes, drawing captivating patterns that revive the Kingdom’s innovative edge. Their travel-inspired organic fashion expresses admiration for Saudi art, culture, and architecture.

Instagram: lama.albluwi

jay-plain8. Personage

A visionary Saudi entity that aims to emerge local and international talent with an excursion of cultural diversity and inclusion -Personages concept is magically created to accumulate multiple dimensions of fashion, pop-art, and more accommodating boundless creativity laying out in the country.

Instagram: personagesa

7s0b7955_edit9. Layz wayz

Enlightening the cultural wave with modish Sherwal this winter, Lay-Z builds upon the image of the Saudi bohemian trend by multi-ethnic diverse artistic patterns and architecture spurred designs that defies their conceiving fashion line.

Instagram: layz.wayz

img_370910. Mojamajka kaftan

As a stimulating kaftan fashion line, Mojamajka unearths a traditional coastal aesthetic that portrays the Kingdom’s authentic nature. Each piece contains an artistic portion of magic, and the local craftsman’s efforts behind them will fuse you to the entirety of Saudi.

Instagram: mojamajka

screen-shot-2020-11-04-at-3-26-17-pm-copyIn the spotlight:

Turquoise Mountain Saudi Arabia

Turquoise Mountain’s aim, along with Saudi Handicrafts Programm, is to restore traditional craftsmanship in Saudi Arabia and make a difference in the community by providing jobs that bring the essence of the cultural ambiance of the community area.

screen-shot-2020-11-04-at-3-21-20-pm-copyThis country’s diverse culture provides an incredible assemblage of crafts consisting of the Asiri colorful painting using handmade paper crafted by Asiri women to exquisite Hejaz’s plasterwork that can also be seen in silk cushion inspired by the old city of Jeddah.

Along with the Bisht cushion embroidered by a golden thread that only a few experienced al Hofuf craftsmen can master, and the Najd’s woodwork is represented through artistic skills in different products where the wood is craved with local talent.‬‬

The brand harmoniously weaves different country regions into a beautiful display of fashion, jewelry, and other local products.

Instagram: turquoisemountainarabia


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