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Badawiah: Adding a Twist to Tradition

Badawiah: Adding a Twist to Tradition
Badawiah’s designs are taking over Jeddah’s fashion scene. Safiah Alaquil, founder and designer, reveals her secrets exclusively to us.

Childhood: Alaquil had a multicultural childhood as she spent years of her life in different places.
I was exposed to different cultures and the richness of traveling from an early age. Having relatives in Argentina, I finished my high school there and then moved to California where I graduated with a major in Psychology and a minor in Art.

Motivation: Ever since she was 11, Alaquil knew she was passionate about designing and was destined for it.
I recently moved back to Jeddah and decided I wanted to pursue something that combined my love for designing and traveling, along with the opportunity to give back to communities and help children in need. With those elements in mind, Badawiah was created.

The Traditional Theme: Badawiah stands out amidst all local designs due to its ethnic styles.
The idea behind Badawiah is to blend different ethnic and traditional cultures. I thought of giving a unique colorful twist to something so traditional like an abaya and to include other handmade textiles from around the world.

Collections on Sale: Here is where you can find Badawiah collections.
I am usually able to have a collection ready every three to four months. Women can come by my workshop by appointment or find it at Homegrown Market at The Store. Every collection includes abayas ranging from SR 1,350 and up. I also make clutches, jackets, and pants depending on the collection.

Exclusive Deets on the New Collection
For my new collection I traveled to Argentina and visited local artisans that create intricately weaved “aguallos,” handmade with wool that’s been colored using only natural dyes from flowers, fruits and vegetables and “fajas” that are used by Argentinean cowboys as waistbands. All of the textiles I brought back will be included in the new collection of abayas along with a few other accessories.

Humanitarian Work: Badawiah is not only about fashion, but also about charity, as partial proceeds go to children in need.
Humanitarian work gives me that encouragement to continue designing since partial proceeds go to a good cause. Because this new collection is made from materials from Argentina, partial proceeds will be donated back to the children in need in Argentina.

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