Saudi Arabia will Step Together Four Times Starting September 13 as the Sports for All Federation partners with Nike for a New Series of Walk-Run Challenges

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has teamed up with Nike for the follow-up to its hugely successful Step Together program, lining up a series of four walk-run weekly challenges beginning on September 13, 2020.

  • The second instalment of Step Together will feature four weekly challenges of increasing distances
  • The Step Together September series will be staged through the Nike Run Club (NRC) app
  • The four weekly challenges combine for a total distance of 90 km for Saudi National Day 

 The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has teamed up with Nike for the follow-up to its hugely successful Step Together program, lining up a series of four walk-run weekly challenges beginning on September 13, 2020.

The weekly activations will be open to participants of all abilities aged 16 and above and staged with the close support of the Ministry of Sports under the banner of the Quality of Life Program. The event, held in partnership with Nike, will see a dedicated leaderboard in the Nike Run Club (NRC) app.

The four-week challenges combine to a total of 90 km, celebrating Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day through community health and wellness. The suggested weekly breakdown for participants allows for a gradual increase in distances. The first weekly challenge will be a 15 km walk-run starting on September 13. The week two challenge starts on September 20 with a distance of 20 km, while challenge three goes up to 25 km on September 27. The fourth and final weekly challenge of 30 km will start on October 4 and conclude on October 13, 2020.saudi-sports-for-all-federationpresident-hrh-prince-khaled-bin-alwaleed-bin-talal-al-saud-copy

“The second Step Together event held in partnership with Nike is a four-week challenge; we opted for this enhanced walk-run structure to support our goal of long-term behavioral change,” said HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President, SFA.

With this multi-distance walk-run, people are provided with a fun way to move their way up the ‘activity chain’. Meant to include everyone, this program helps people progress in terms of consistent participation in sports and fitness.

“We hope to encourage everyone to try walking or running the Step Together challenges – irrespective of how active they currently are. We were thrilled to see social media posts around the last Step Together event of participants saying this was their first time giving a walk-run competition a try. As for our consistently active participants, we want them to draw everyone they know into our healthy and active community using Step Together as an inviting tool to get them on board.”

For the September Step Together walk-run challenges, participants who complete the full 90 km challenge at any pace and on any schedule within the stipulated month-long timeframe will be eligible to win one of 10 full Nike running kits and 40 SFA rewards of SAR 500 each. All participants who complete the challenge of 90 km are automatically entered into the draw to win.

To qualify for the Step Together prizes, all participants must use the same email address to register on the SFA website and the NRC app to allow for profile and walk-run data matching. The user journey is simple: users download the NRC app and then register on the Sharek event page with the same email address.

The SFA’s inaugural Step Together program took place across 10 days in July 2020, with participants walking and running either half or full marathons; racking up a combined distance of 44,850km.

Aimed at increasing and maintaining summer physical activity levels, Step Together was also the SFA’s first event since the lifting of lockdown restrictions in Saudi Arabia. More than 2,600 people registered, with 62.8% people taking part in the full marathon, 30.9% people in the half marathon, and 6.4% in the kid’s race. More than 40 Community Sports Groups also took part.

The SFA has introduced a number of initiatives designed to affect behavioral change around the Kingdom, encouraging the adoption of physical activity and family fitness. The SFA also recently signed an MoU with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MoMRA) to launch activations in public parks across three cities – a crucial first step in delivering its Active Places mandate. Active Places is one of three initiatives SFA is responsible for delivering as part of the Quality of Life Program under Vision 2030; the other two being Active People and Initiatives for Residents of Saudi Arabia.

Download the NRC app here: 

The Step Together challenge is powered by the NRC app; it provides the tools you need to run better. Runners have the opportunity to join the challenge and track runs on GPS, create customized coaching plans to achieve goals, share progress with friends, and get inspiration through audio-guided runs offered by elite athletes like Mo Farah and regional NRC Coach Manal Rostom.

Step Together participants are welcomed to register any time over the course of the walk-run series here: 


The Confirmation was Announced Virtually on July 17 During the 136th Session of the IOC

Saudi Ambassador to the United States, HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, has been confirmed as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Princess Reema tweeted her appreciation, saying that she is “honored to be elected as a member of IOC. Thank you to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, HRH Crown Prince, and @AbdulazizTF for their support. It has been an honor to serve my community through the universal language of sports.,” she concluded, tagging accounts of the International Olympic Committee and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee.

Princess Reema, Saudi representative to the International Olympic Committee, has spearheaded community sports programs across the nation and continues to advocate for Vision 2030 goals. In her capacity as SFA member of the Board of Directors, Princess Reema helps to strengthen and shape the Federation’s values across health and wellness metrics.

The SFA, previously the Mass Participation Federation, was formerly headed by Princess Reema, who was succeeded by HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal in March 2019. Under both tenures, hundreds of thousands of people across the county have joined in the SFA’s drive for participation in physical fitness across the Kingdom.edi70irwsaywrfx-1-copy

The news was announced virtually on July 17 during the 136th session of the IOC. In addition to Princess Reema, the confirmations included Maria de la Caridad Colón Ruenes of Cuba, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović of Croatia, Battushig Batbold of Mongolia, and the UK’s Sebastian Coe.

The five new confirmations bring the total number of IOC Members to 104 and pushed the organization further in its mission: “With 39 women on board – representing 37.5 percent of its membership versus 21.3 percent in 2013 – the Session has demonstrated the IOC’s commitment to promoting gender equality within its leadership,” said the IOC in a statement.

According to the official website, founded in 1921, the Executive Board consists of the International Olympic Committee President, four Vice-Presidents, and 10 other members. All members are elected by the Session through a secret ballot system of majority vote and remain in their positions for four years.


Saudi Sports for All Federation Presents Step Together, the First Walk-run Event in a Series


The event is part of a larger SFA series that will incorporate walking and running drives held over the next few months.

Virtual half and full marathon competitions to be completed over 10 days with both individual and community sports group leaderboards. Step Together is the first outdoor event staged by the SFA since the lifting of lockdown measures.

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is pleased to present its first outdoor event of the summer season, Step Together, the launch of a series of competitive walk-runs. The first Step Together virtual walk-run welcomes both individual and team entries, and new entrants can register any time during the 10 day period beginning on July 17 and ending on July 26, 2020.

Adults looking to participate in the virtual walk-run event have the option of completing either a 42-kilometer full marathon or a 21-kilometer half marathon over a period of 10 days commencing on July 17th. Children under the age of 15 have a dedicated challenge of a 10-kilometer walk-run competition during the same period.

The first event staged by the SFA since the lifting of lockdown restrictions is meant to appeal to all ages, all abilities, and demographics by offering both walk and run options. Participants who meet the distance goals will be awarded finishing medals and e-certificates of achievement.

The virtual event is technology-agnostic, meaning that participants can use any digital fitness tracker that they prefer, and then upload data and screenshots daily to the Race Result platform to register ongoing progress with results posted on a public leaderboard.

Community Sports Groups (CSGs) are encouraged to join Step Together, with a dedicated leaderboard highlighting team participation. Members of CSGs can complete simultaneously in both individual and group categories by choosing the CSG during the registration stage.

Registered users will receive emailed confirmations each with a unique link and instructions for the Race Result platform. That dedicated link allows each participant to enter the distance and elapsed time of the activity daily, validated by an uploaded screenshot from any digital fitness tracker. A “Results” tab on the platform allows users to view progress in a competitive spirit with other participants, and to view the leaderboards for the various categories (age, gender, distance) on the same page.

Staged under the banner of the Quality of Life program, the Step Together walk-run series endeavors to contribute to Vision 2030 by ensuring that physical activity levels are maintained and grow during the summer months, with a renewed excitement and energy towards outdoor fitness. A recent SFA insight report indicated that a 60% increase in walking occurred in Saudi since March while running experienced a 30% increase. The SFA endeavors to further catalyze this demographic with a love for physical fitness, as the same survey reported that these upticks were generated by people who previously considered themselves less active.

Step Together, the Sports for All Federation’s new sub-brand will encompass several walk-run events meant to appeal to all ages, all abilities, and all demographics. The July 17 walk-run virtual half and full marathon is the first in a series that the SFA will communicate over the coming months.

Step Together participants are welcomed to register any time over the course of the 10 days on the Race Result platform here:


Daghistani Family Baytak Nadeek Rooftop in Mecca goes Viral

Enterprising family awarded with sportswear and gear for their exceptional commitment to physical fitness.

An enterprising family in Mecca, Nedhal, Nezar, Mohammed, Yasser, and Wesam Daghistani were featured on television stations nationwide for their commitment to physical fitness. Ranging in age from 41-18, the Daghistanis created a rooftop Baytak Nadeek gym space that allowed them all to maintain their fitness regimes during the health crisis.

Saudi Sports for All Federation President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, highlighted that the family’s creativity helped to further propel the Baytak Nadeek campaign as it quickly achieved virality across social media channels, and subsequently graduated to television featured on every major station in Saudi and the wider GCC.

“We are pleased to acknowledge the ingenuity and commitment to physical fitness that the Daghistani family showed through their rooftop home gym. The Baytak Nadeek rooftop that they activated during the health crisis mirrored exactly what we had in mind; a space of your own to pursue your health and wellness goals in safety,” said Prince Khaled.

“Not only did they support the country’s public health directives, they stayed fit and active, and acted as a motivational beacon for so many others to do the same. We were pleased that Nike awarded the Daghistani family with sportswear and gear to celebrate their great athleticism and sense of community spirit,” he concluded.

The SFA and Nike originally signed an agreement in January of this year, and have since collaborated on a number of activations. Most recently, Nike supplied athletic attire and footwear to Women’s Fitness Festival trainers, and to the official team of SFA Baytak Nadeekcaptains.


Saudi Sports for All Federation presents virtual Women’s Fitness Festival

The three-day event includes sessions on nutrition, fitness, virtual workouts, and thought leadership discussions.

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) today announced its first virtual Women’s Fitness Festival (WFF). The free to attend the event, planned as a Livestream, will be broadcast on the Women’s Fitness Festival dedicated YouTube channel.

The first-ever fitness festival staged by the SFA for women kicks off on the evening of June 11th and concludes after the closing discussion on June 13, 2020. Over the course of the three days, sessions on meal preparation and nutrition, workouts and fitness, and various panel discussions will take place commencing each evening at 8:00 pm KSA time.

Moderated by Dr. Hatoon Kadi, the three-panel discussions will host thought leaders discuss the topics of Sports and Fitness, Mothers in Sports, and Breaking Barriers in Female Sports.

The 30-minute workout segments, executed across the three evenings of the Festival and designed to be performed at home with little-to-no equipment, will include a warmup, main segment, and cool down. The workouts are structured for everyone; catering to all fitness levels, and participants can expect modifications that will be given for some exercises.

International award-winning athlete Manal Rostom will deliver a live Nike Training Club session, and participate in a panel discussion. In addition, Nike has provided the athletes with workout attire and footwear for the women-centric event.

The 30-minute meal preparation and nutrition sessions, with a view of approaching fitness as a holistic approach that includes easy and conscientious nutrition, are conducted by well-known chefs in Saudi.

Under Saudi Vision 2030 and as part of the Quality of Life program, the SFA is proud to provide a platform for the impressive roster of achieving women from various sectors and disciplines under the banner of the Women’s Fitness Festival. The virtual seminar aims to contribute to the success and betterment of women’s standing and success across sports, health, and wellness sectors.

To view the wide variety of sessions and content planned for the Women’s Fitness Festival, visit the official website here: and register your attendance!

Click here for the Women’s Fitness Festival YouTube Livestream Channel