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Saudi Sports for All Federation Presents Step Together, the First Walk-run Event in a Series

Saudi Sports for All Federation Presents Step Together, the First Walk-run Event in a Series


The event is part of a larger SFA series that will incorporate walking and running drives held over the next few months.

Virtual half and full marathon competitions to be completed over 10 days with both individual and community sports group leaderboards. Step Together is the first outdoor event staged by the SFA since the lifting of lockdown measures.

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is pleased to present its first outdoor event of the summer season, Step Together, the launch of a series of competitive walk-runs. The first Step Together virtual walk-run welcomes both individual and team entries, and new entrants can register any time during the 10 day period beginning on July 17 and ending on July 26, 2020.

Adults looking to participate in the virtual walk-run event have the option of completing either a 42-kilometer full marathon or a 21-kilometer half marathon over a period of 10 days commencing on July 17th. Children under the age of 15 have a dedicated challenge of a 10-kilometer walk-run competition during the same period.

The first event staged by the SFA since the lifting of lockdown restrictions is meant to appeal to all ages, all abilities, and demographics by offering both walk and run options. Participants who meet the distance goals will be awarded finishing medals and e-certificates of achievement.

The virtual event is technology-agnostic, meaning that participants can use any digital fitness tracker that they prefer, and then upload data and screenshots daily to the Race Result platform to register ongoing progress with results posted on a public leaderboard.

Community Sports Groups (CSGs) are encouraged to join Step Together, with a dedicated leaderboard highlighting team participation. Members of CSGs can complete simultaneously in both individual and group categories by choosing the CSG during the registration stage.

Registered users will receive emailed confirmations each with a unique link and instructions for the Race Result platform. That dedicated link allows each participant to enter the distance and elapsed time of the activity daily, validated by an uploaded screenshot from any digital fitness tracker. A “Results” tab on the platform allows users to view progress in a competitive spirit with other participants, and to view the leaderboards for the various categories (age, gender, distance) on the same page.

Staged under the banner of the Quality of Life program, the Step Together walk-run series endeavors to contribute to Vision 2030 by ensuring that physical activity levels are maintained and grow during the summer months, with a renewed excitement and energy towards outdoor fitness. A recent SFA insight report indicated that a 60% increase in walking occurred in Saudi since March while running experienced a 30% increase. The SFA endeavors to further catalyze this demographic with a love for physical fitness, as the same survey reported that these upticks were generated by people who previously considered themselves less active.

Step Together, the Sports for All Federation’s new sub-brand will encompass several walk-run events meant to appeal to all ages, all abilities, and all demographics. The July 17 walk-run virtual half and full marathon is the first in a series that the SFA will communicate over the coming months.

Step Together participants are welcomed to register any time over the course of the 10 days on the Race Result platform here:


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