Ultimate Ramadan Iftart to Suhoor Experience with Shangri-La jeddah


Shangri-La jeddah is stepping there experience up during this holy month of Ramadan, from a Iftar experience at there ALFOLK Ramadan venue to a starlit Suhoor at NIYYALI or hanging out and having desserts at Copa, seems like Shangri-La hotel through there culinary creations and modern spaces will take us on an adventure through local, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, and beyond.is aiming to make us all happy this Ramadan!

An unparalleled Iftar experience at ALFOLK

As the moon and stars have long guided sailors, fishermen, merchants, and pilgrims to safety, they also form the backdrop to this year’s Ramadan celebrations that are sure to be more meaningful than ever whilst offering a contemporary setting with modern design elements and an elevated atmosphere. 

For the second consecutive year, Shangri-La Jeddah unveils ALFOLK, one of the city’s most contemporary Ramadan venues inspired by the city’s role as the historical gateway of Makkah. 

The Iftar menu is inspired by the city’s role as the historic gateway of Makkah and visitors will be able to discover delicious culinary creations as they are transported through the city’s maritime heritage in an enchanting setting.

ALFOLK also offers exclusive options for gatherings of 10 guests or private events for up to 400 guests, with tailored selections to suit their needs. The experienced team at Shangri-La Jeddah will fulfill guest needs for a memorable evening.

During iftar guests will indulge in cuisines created by renowned chefs from all around the world and classic Saudi dishes such as jareesh, gouzi, marqooq, and saleeg, and traditional Ramadan drinks.

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A starlit Suhoor at NIYYALI

For suhoor, NIYYALI, Jeddah’s latest dining star, is where flavor, creativity, and culture align, to bring forth the true essence of the Lebanese soul Inspired by the diverse, rich, and bold tastes of Lebanese cuisine, flavor flows through all that we do. 

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Delightful desserts at COPA

Those craving sweet treats after iftar can head to the exquisite boutique patisserie, COPA, to be taken through the fine art of coffee and chocolate pairing whilst unwinding with their close ones while an outdoor seating area where they can delight in the fresh air and savor the exclusive Ramadan menu featuring splendid cakes, and beautifully crafted pralines and dates.


Mindful experiences overlooking the Red Sea

For those looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of Jeddah, Shangri-La Jeddah’s 203 stylish rooms and suites plus 17 luxury serviced apartments provide the perfect opportunity for guests to soak in the Ramadan spirit surrounded by unique personalized touches yielding cherished memories during every stay. 


Meaningful contributions

This Holy Month, Shangri-La Jeddah is committed to meaningful community and sustainability engagement and is proud to announce its partnership with Etaam which will regularly donate high-quality food to people in need. Eliminating food waste and aiding good causes in due diligence toward the community, the luxurious hotel has opted for a sustainable, charitable solution that will preserve surplus food.


This Ramadan, Shangri-La Jeddah presents guests with supreme service, exquisite food, and extraordinary views, making it the perfect destination to relax and recuperate.


For more information, visit: Shangri-La website 



Diriyah Seasonal Market at At-Turaif Park

Diryah Seasonal Market at At-turaif park in coming to Riyadh!

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has launched its “Seasonal Market” – A 10-week showcase of unique local products created by productive families, from home-cooked food and desserts, home-brewed coffee, and homegrown fruit and vegetables to handcrafted scents and garments. The initiative is part of DGDA’s efforts to revitalize the old quarters around historic Diriyah, including town squares and parks, and transform them into vibrant attractions for residents and visitors. The Authority seeks to empower local families and craftspeople to showcase and sell their unique handicrafts to not only generate business for them but also to revive the city’s historic lifestyle through multiple outlets and new opportunities to promote their craftsmanship.

Located at At-Turaif Park next to At-Turaif visitors center, which can be reached through Bujairi Terrace. The market will take place every Wednesday to Saturday from 4 pm until 11:30 pm, from now until mid-May 2023.


In the past, the Seasonal Market was held in Wadi Hanifah, between the west side of At-Turaif Historical District and the east side of Bujairi Terrace. The Seasonal Market name reflects the diverse range of shops that once served Diriyah’s population, which had something to offer everyone.

DGDA’s ongoing work at Diriyah is aimed at conserving the ancient city’s heritage, showcasing its historical and cultural significance, enhancing the sense of belonging in the hearts and minds of Saudis of all ages, and ensuring that the knowledge of their ancestors lives on.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday, after 4pm: SAR 100

Thursday, after 4pm: SAR 200

All day Friday and Saturday: SAR 200

For more information and to buy tickets for the market, please visit:  https://www.diriyah.sa/en/