Trending Abaya designs for 2018

Who said Abayas are boring?

While the no-abaya days are coming closer, some of us would still choose to wear it. Nowadays, Abayas are more fashionable than ever and far more interesting than they were before. Thanks to many renowned designers, we can now carry the tradition of abayas in style.

The new 2018 abaya trends are changing the fashion landscape for all Muslim women. Forget all about the never-ending clash between fashion and tradition, for this year abaya designs have taken modest fashion to a whole new level of stylishness and elegance.

Reversible Woollen Abaya


This double-sided abaya is both new and efficient. Two beautiful abayas in one, this Abaya is suitable for different occasions. It’s the perfect outfit to keep you warm and chic.

Web: Namshi/Basma

Sporty Abaya


Now women can do sports in their abayas. The new sporty abaya is suitable for Running, walking, and stretching. This abaya is the definition of new and trendy. It is anything but conventional.

Instagram: emanjoharjy

Woven Abaya


A statement piece, this Abaya guarantees you standing out of the crowd with its singular design. If you are looking to add a splash of detail and an instant glam to your overall look, then this Abaya is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Instagram: haniacollection

Drape Abaya


Drape abayas look elegant and exceptionally classy. They are beautifully designed and crafted from soft and lightweight woven fabric. Pair it with an additional plain black Sheyla to compliment your overall look.

Facebook: aljumairiabayadesign
Instagram: aljumairiabaya

Embroidered Top Abaya


Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, this abaya is perfect for modern day girls who prefer a simple attire that makes them look more stylish in no time.

Instagram: haya_closet


Rising Saudi Fashion Designers You Should Know

“Fashion designers are dictators of taste.” – Karl Lagarfeld

Saudi Arabia is now officially on the international map of fashion especially after the Arab Fashion Council‘s announcement of opening a new regional office in Riyadh, which will uniquely place the kingdom to become a center for the fashion industry.

This proves Saudi fashion designers are finally getting the acknowledgment they deserve globally and locally and now more talented Saudi designers will be encouraged to showcase their finest creations.

Here we introduce Saudi’s brilliant and rising fashion designers who go all out to dazzle the eye:

  • Sadeem Alshehail

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Sadeem’s fashion line is mainly focused on empowering women through creating masterpieces that stand the test of time. Using high-end fabrics that highlight craftsmanship, Alshehail’s designs are all about boosting women’s confidence, elegance, and sophistication.

  • Reem Al-Kanhal

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Participated in Vogue Dubai Fashion Experience, Reem Al-Kanhal is another rising Saudi fashion designer who has been wowing the crowd with her eye-popping designs. Al-Kanhal latest fashion line is a reflection of her own life, a busy woman who is balancing a busy schedule and trying to juggle it all.

Instagram: rk_reemalkanhal

  • Arwa Al Banawi

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Pursuing her ambition of becoming a renowned designer, Arwa Al Banawi succeeded in 2015 in launching her first line of ready-to-wear suits and shirts that took the fashion world by storm. Her recent designs are timeless styles with a retro twist that never go out of style.


  • Renad Hefni

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Seasonless and Timeless wear is what Renad Hefni adopts in all of her designs. “Dress like a queen” is her motto. Hefni believes that every woman can be a queen and that every woman is a human royalty, and so she creates classy and tastefully stylish pieces to make every woman feel like one.