Affordable & Awesome Eats in Riyadh

Photo Credits: ZaatarWzeitKSA Photo Credits: ZaatarWzeitKSA

Having a meal that is both tasty and affordable is something that Riyadh city is capable of offering thanks to its diverse and eclectic culinary scene.

Now you can enjoy a well-executed meal without actually breaking the bank. Whether its pasta you are craving or pizza or even grills, rest assured you will have a full and satisfied tummy for under  SR60.

Here we go!

Shawarma house


Serving literally the best Shawarma in town, Shawarma house’s eclectic menu also offers salads, grills, burgers, falafel, pizzas and grilled sandwiches. For only SR15 you can have a deliciously tender and juicy large Shawarma wrap along with golden brown and crispy fries and a soft drink. Rest assured that whether you go for a Shawarma sandwich or a grilled platter, Shawarma house is the perfect choice for a reasonable takeout meal.

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Zaatar W Zeit


Not just like any other typical Lebanese restaurant, Zaatar W Zeit serves truly authentic Lebanese eats that will satisfy your cravings for hearty food. With a puzzling menu that offers a plethora of Lebanese eats from salads, manakish, platters, pizzas, and light meals; Zaatar W Zeit is by far our go-to choice for an affordable yet succulent meal. For (SR39) you will get to indulge in a warm out of the oven and a one-dish-wonder Eggplant and Chicken Marinara platter, and for only (SR17) your taste buds will scream with happiness with the venue’s special and famous Tiramisu dessert.


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Coming all the way from Istanbul, Turkey; Lokma has all it takes to make your dining experience an exceptional one. The venue serves a wide array of Turkish delights and treats from pastries, clays, sandwiches and grill. At Lokma you can have a to-die-for Shrimp clay pot for (SR59) and for an even more novel experience, try as a side the venue’s well-executed Turkish rice (SR15).

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For (SR20) you can enjoy a hefty meal that consists of one of the juiciest and ingenious burgers in town. The freshly baked bun enveloping a well-made patty is enough to take your taste buds on a roller coaster. Large portions and ridiculously delicious sandwiches are what Burgerizzr promise to deliver.


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Maestro Pizza


Who is better than the Maestro itself to brighten up our days when craving a really good pizza! With the generous amount of delicious toppings along with the perfect blend of mozzarella cheese and different sauces complementing the taste, Maestro pizza serves all types of crusts that suit every taste.


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La Casa Pasta


With a menu that serves different types of pasta from beef pasta, hotdog pasta and shrimp pasta to vegetable pasta, Bolognese pasta, and pepperoni pasta; every single pasta dish boasts a combination of flavors that take your taste buds for a spin. For (SR28) you can order their signature Supreme Pasta boasting all sorts of meat and veggies topped with a sauce of your choosing.


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