Top Picks for Iftar this Ramadan

With many options comes indecision!

Although we are almost halfway through Ramadan, yet exploring what Riyadh’s culinary scene has to offer is still going strong. Usually venues get creative with their dishes during the holy month to lure more of us into trying every single one.

And with many restaurants offering a fusion of flavors that promise to give our taste buds a tantalizing experience; we decided to ask our favorite foodies for their top picks for Iftar.

Let’s get started!

Kunafa French Toast


This Kunafa French toast is the perfect sweet mix of the traditional lip-smacking crunchy Kunafa and delicious French toast. Served at Pan Breeza Lounge; the heavenly sweet platter has all it takes to make your Iftar experience a truly unique one. Oozing with gooey cheese melted to perfection; this is one dish that will definitely keep you coming back.

Instagram: panbreezalounge
Location: King Abdul Aziz Road, An Nafal

Wagyu beef sliders


When Japanese cuisine blends with the American, expect nothing but perfection. These mini buns enveloping mini juicy tender beef patties are the ideal choice to break your fast. Flavorful and well-seasoned; the Wagyu beef sliders from Nozomi should be on top of your burger bucket list.

Instagram: nozomi_riyadh
Location: 12234 Aldabab St, As Sulimaniyah

Shish taouk


You’ll never want to eat Shish Taouk any other way! With a slight zesty flavor that compliments the overall taste, Lusin’s Shish Taouk is perfectly cooked and extremely tender. If you want a flawless dish to satisfy every craving, this is it!

Location: Centeria Mall, 2nd Floor, Olaya Street

Club Sandwich


With a side of thin, crunchy, and far from greasy fries; this club sandwich is another signature platter served at Pan Breeza Lounge. In a freshly baked bread; this layered club sandwich is the ultimate definition of a perfect sandwich that won’t leave you bored or hungry.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Road, An Nafal

Rose Risotto


Topped with thin cut grilled chicken pieces cooked to perfection, Munni’s Rose Risotto is famous for its rich consistency, smooth texture, and delicious flavors. Get your taste buds ready for this platter as this one is super great and the flavors are a perfect match.

Instagram: muunnisksa
Location: Takhussusi, Al Mohammadiyah

Batat Harra (Spicy Potatoes)


An appetizer that is simply irresistible to almost everyone, Lusin’s Batata Harra entree is the perfect start to a hefty Iftar meal. Beautifully presented, the platter has all the bold flavors you are looking for in a starter.

Location: Centeria Mall, 2nd Floor, Olaya Street
Recommendations made by foodbee_riyadh and the Riyadh foodies

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