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Lokma Istanbul: Where each bite offers big flavors and perfect execution

A taste of Turkey!

The Turkish cuisine is where the most common and most favorite dishes are found. Finding a place that serves authentic Turkish food kind of gives you a taste of how eating in Turkey actually feels like and that is why we decided to head to Lokma Istanbul and live the Turkish experience to its fullest.


Lokma’s menu offers a wide variety of Turkey’s popular platters from pastries, wraps, tajines, grills, all of which made us more puzzled, nonetheless, we went for the most talked about ones in their menu.kofta

Upon taking our order, the staff served us with a complementary Simit bread alongside a dip of olive oil, tomato paste and what tasted like almonds. The dip wasn’t our cup of tea, but the bread-ring covered in sesame seeds baked goodness was out of this world.


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