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5 Things To Start Doing Right Now To Prepare For Ramadan

5 Things To Start Doing Right Now To Prepare For Ramadan

Get your Ramadan mode on!

Ramadan is only a few weeks away and besides preparing for the iftar menu, we need to be prepared on other levels as well; physically and mentally.

If you really want to make the most out of this month and get things done the right way, then there are some Ramadan prep tips you should consider.

Here is a list of five tips you should start doing right now to prepare for Ramadan:

Practice Fasting


The first couple of days in Ramadan are always the hardest. Our bodies are getting used to the long fasting hours as well as the hunger and fatigue that comes as a result. Hence, the best way to overcome this is to practice fasting before Ramadan starts. Try to fast the white days or Mondays and Thursdays.

Caffeine Withdrawal


To some, caffeine is more important than food, especially in Ramadan. So, to avoid all the mood swings and headaches that accompany not receiving your daily caffeine dose, try ditching it a couple of weeks before Ramadan so you don’t suffer that much during the month.

Psychological Readiness


The psychological readiness for the month of Ramadan is very important. If you aren’t ready for the month then you are in for a roller coaster. To psychologically prepare yourself first start by making your own Ramadan countdown that won’t only make you ready but also excited. Second, seek knowledge about all the charitable events taking place during the holy month. Third, write down your own Ramadan plan (i.e. complete Quran once or twice, study the Tafseer, pray Taraweeh every day at the Masjid etc.)

Adjust your sleep schedule


If your sleep schedule isn’t stable or you are that type of person who stays up all night and sleeps during the day, then you should start adjusting it right away not because it’s healthier to do so but also make the best use out of your fasting hours whether by reading Quran, praying at the mosque or volunteering at a charity event.

Stick only to your main meals


And by that, we mean to cut back on all your snacking habits. If you won’t be able to practice fasting, the worst case scenario to get yourself prepared is to stick only to your three main meals and forget all about snacking and late-night cravings. You can always go the extra mile by making them two meals only instead of three.

Work on yourself


Baby steps! Ramadan can be a start for you to become the better version of yourself. If you really want to welcome Ramadan the right way then start working on yourself right now. Be more kind, preserve praying, control that temper of yours, quit smoking etc.


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