12 Epic Pranks To Try This April Fools' Day… BAZINGA!

Photo Credit: spiritwolf53.deviantart.com Photo Credit: spiritwolf53.deviantart.com

Pranksters rejoice! April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and there is so much eagerness to play the ultimate prank. Here are some fun pranks you can try on your friends, hopefully before they try something on you.

 1. Chocolate Chili

Chop chili into pieces and coat those with chocolate syrup. This chocolate is sure going to make someone cry.

 2. Air Horn Seat

Tape an air horn to the bottom of your colleague’s seat and watch him/her jump up from the office chair when it blows.

Photo Credit: storypick.com

Photo Credit: storypick.com

 3. Mouse Sticker

An unresponsive mouse is one of the most frustrating things that we face while at work. So why not stick the tape to the sensor at the bottom of the mouse and watch your friend get frustrated with it.

Photo Credit: sallyu.com

Photo Credit: sallyu.com

4. Switch Sugar With Salt

This prank works almost every time – no wonder its an age-old favorite.  The problems this can cause are unimaginable, salty coffee anyone.

Photo Credit: doktorbudak.com

Photo Credit: doktorbudak.com

 5. Mayonaise Doughnuts

Why not prepare a nice set of doughnuts for your friends. Oh, but it comes with a catch! These doughnuts end up tasting like a burger without the patty of course.

Photo Credit: browneyedbaker.com

Photo Credit: browneyedbaker.com

 6. Whoopie Cushions

How can we forget our favorite school days prank on April Fools’ day.

Photo Credit: storypick.com

Photo Credit: storypick.com

7. Desktop Screenshot

First, take a screenshot of the desktop and then delete all the icons on it. Now replace the desktop screen wallpaper with the screenshot that you took. And watch your friend try to click on the icons, but of course none of them will be clickable cause they are just images.

8. Wet Sponge

Pour water in the center of a sponge, and let it soak. Take this water-filled sponge and put it under the pillow or cushion cover and sit back and enjoy.

9. Mayonaise Toothpaste

You can try this on your roommate. Just fill an empty toothpaste tube with mayonnaise and your roommate may end up with irksome breath instead of the fresh one that he/she was hoping for.

Photo Credit: wmur.com

Photo Credit: wmur.com

10. Rotate Screen Sideways

On Mac, open System Preferences from the dock, and hold down Option and Command as you click on Displays. This will open the Displays menu with an added Rotation dropdown box with Standard, 90°, 180°, and 270° options.

On Windows, just press  Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key and watch the screen rotate sideways.

Do this and watch your friend struggle in trying to figure out how to get their screen upright.


11. Text For Free App

Through this app you will be able to change your number. This means you can text whoever you want in your phone book with a different number. Now there are countless things you can do with a different number. Tip: You can pretend to be a secret stalker that knows all your friend’s dark secrets.

12. Squirting Bottle

Using a needle pierce tiny holes in a bottle, and as your friend picks it up, watch the bottle squirt all its contents on him/her.

Photo Credit: allfortheboys.com

Photo Credit: allfortheboys.com

Let the pranks roll people. Just remember this – on the 1st of April, no one can be trusted.

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