Hajj Riders Cycled Through 9 Countries to Reach Madinah

Photo Credit: ilmfeed.com

They’re representing Islam beautifully!

Hajj is a spiritual journey, often a once in a lifetime opportunity for Muslims from around the world. Muslims save for decades to make this pilgrimage possible. This year a group of eight British-Muslims took up the incredible challenge to cycle from London to Madinah, Saudi Arabia. As planned, the journey took the Hajj Riders six-weeks, plotted along nine countries; United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liectenstein, Italy, Greece and Egypt. They travelled a distanced of more than 3,200 kilometres.

If you thought that was incredible, know this: the 2017 Hajj Ride is a pledge to raise £1m for Syria. You can visit their website to donate! Follow them on Instagram for updates from their journey.

Website: hajjride.givebrite.com
Instagram: hajjride2017
Twitter: hajjride2017

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