Riyadh The Winter Capital of SAUDI

During Winter: 6°C – 26° C

Wonderful things to do during the season.

Expelling Riyadh’s infamous year-round heat, winter is a welcome arrival—the warmth dissipates and the capital becomes surprisingly cold. With new opportunities to explore the great outdoors, winter is a time for adventure.

Riyadh’s Favorite Winter Activities

When the weather goes low, we go out! In recent years, the capital has turned into one giant gym and playground for adventurers and wanderers. For those wanting to get active, Riyadh quickly turning into a destination best explored with the windows rolled down or none at all.

1. The Rise of Free Wheeling Vagabonds: Cycling

It’s cycling season! And now more than ever, we’re seeing riders in just about every pocket of the city. From gravel roads to historic backstreets, here are some of the best routes around the Kingdom to get you started.

Ad Diriyah

With its many winding paths and burrows, with a few turns that would connect you to the different Wadis (Hanifah included), Ad Diriyah has become the go-to place for cycling groups.shutterstock_1258422184

Diplomatic Quarter

Within its 14-kilometer parameter, DQ is an ideal destination for beginners and intermediate cyclists alike. It also features a trail alongside its suburban streets for those wanting to break in their mountain bikes.diplomatic-quarter

Wadi Hanifah

Featuring a 120-kilometer stretch of the oasis, this route follows the middle of Riyadh’s sprawling cityscape. Enjoy a traffic-free ride with plenty of nature spots and Wadi Hanifah tributaries along the way.

shutterstock_17103510582. Take A Hike!

Trailing walks in winters for those who prefer an uphill challenge? Strap on your hiking boots, and head to Riyadh’s spectacular hikes to sand dunes, fossil gardens, valley hikes, and so much more—all in close proximity.

Edge of the World (Jabal Fihrayn)

A hike up the Tuwaiq escarpment that feels like the edge of the world with sharp cliffs that plummet down around you. Landlubbers are absolutely going to love the copious trekking options that’s also rich in fossils. The natural wonder sits just under two hours from Riyadh, so if you’re not planning to drive that long then is an ideal location.shutterstock_694805545

Stopover at the Acacia Valley a great picnic spot to set up a camp here with an array of flora and fauna, Rock Art Panels at Khashm Musayqirah

If you are after historical landmarks, this is the hike for you. A walk through the Graffiti Rocks here includes awe-inspiring petroglyphs and a secret valley that feels like an open-air museum. Spend a few hours exploring some of the easily accessible rock art panels about an hour drive west of Riyadh; a treasure trove where millennia are carved in the middle of the desert.


Edge of the World Tip:

  • This route is more suited to a bike with fatter tires.
  • Shoaib AI Khumrah Rd.

3. Surf and Skid

Sandboarding & Quad Biking

Riyadh has more than its fair share of impressive dunes that beckon adventurers. Experience the desert sands and dirt trails on an amazing quad bike ride, or hop on a snowboard and slide your way down the dunes.

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