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Things to Do at the Thumama Desert

Ahh, as the cooler months of the year come in, Riyadhis will be hitting the desert for some fun in the sand. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Riyadh’s favorite desert district.

Where to Go:

  • Al Thumama National Park

What to Do:

  • Riding quad bikes. There are rentals on site, just pick out which one has the best deal. Prices range from SR 50 – SR 100 per 30 mins to an hour.
  • Getting your first camel photo. There’s a lot of camel farms surrounding this area, herders often convene on weekends and lets you ride their camels for a fee.
  • Bounce tents – For the kids. You’ll know you’re in the Thumama area when you start seeing these inflatable castles.
  • Rock Climbing Off the Cliffs
  • Cheaper Horse riding – If going to an equestrian club is too heavy on the pockets and you already know how to ride. You can rent horses here for a fee.
  • Picnic – One of the desert sites where people park on the side of the road and eat.
  • Enjoying the dunes. Red Sands at Al Yamama differ from Al Thumama because of the finer and obviously more reddish color of the sand.
  • Landscape Photography
  • Camping


  • If you’re new to the camping scene, make sure you ask someone who’s an expert or try to find a guide.
  • Always keep a lot of water
  • If you’re thinking of going deeper into the desert, have a satellite phone, first aid kit, power bank and GPS with you.
  • Watch out for scorpions and snakes. Yea. We’re not kidding.
  • A 4×4 car is essential, unless you want to spend your day digging out your tires.
  • Don’t litter.

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