European Union’s “More Than Food” Consumer Tasting Experience

Discover an exciting array of high-quality European food and beverages, from delectable authentic cheeses to mouthwatering confectionery. 

Visit the European Union’s ‘More Than Food’ tasting stand on the first floor infornt of Sparky’s, at Red Sea Mall from 8 – 11 June.

The tasting experience will feature quality EU products such as French Brie de Meaux cheese on Finnish rye crackers, fresh fruits and vegetables from Cyprus, Spain and Austria or Speculoos biscuits from Belgium and a selection of other products from Europe.

European food is more than just food – it’s stories of rich traditions and culture, sustained by some of the world’s highest quality and safety standards.

Date: 8 – 11 June 2022
Event Name: European Union’s Consumer Tasting Event 
Location: Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, KSA 
Organizer: European Union – More Than Food ME 

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