The Green Revolution: Naeem Farm

Hattan Tashkandi

A beautiful glass and high-tech greenhouse built on a massive traditional field farm, Naeem farms has created an ecosystem within the innovative structure.

Since its inception in 2018, the startup company has worked with international and local leading scientific and expert institutions to turn this sustainable and modern farm into reality. They developed new ways to farm imported products locally, using less water without any pesticides and chemicals. In 2021, Naeem farms set up their online shop, completed their greenhouse, and officially opened for business.


Founded by Hattan Tashkandi and funded by venture capital firms, Naeem Farms comes from a passion for agriculture. Hattan made sure to build an infrastructure that allows for the least amount of water waste and the highest-quality produce.  Unlike a traditional farm, the plants here grow without soil using hydroponics technology.  Moreover, the closed irrigation system allows them to recirculate and reuse the water which leads to saving up 95% of the water used. The greenhouse is also outfitted with high-tech cooling and temperature control systems.  There are built-in wet cardboards and fans, alongside a few ACs that are often turned to support the system.


The farm is divided into three different zones; the tomato zone uses hydroponic drop technology, where the seed is planted in a special sponge that can be reused several times. The second zone is the indoor vertical farm that uses LED lights and hydroponics to allow the growth of the microgreens such as mustard seeds, radish as well as a variety of lettuce. Finally, the last zone of the farm is where the leafy greens are grown in large hydroponic benches, such as baby kale and spinach, basil, arugula, etc.

You can buy their products from their website or their store in Al Rawdah.

Instagram: naeemfoods

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