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Craving Something Hearty and Healthy? Visit These Places For an Instagram Worthy Salad

Instagram: sproutsalads.sa

Written By Lamar Mabrouk

Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or are just sick of fast food and need a detox, Jeddah has some fantastic restaurants that dish up flavorsome and nutritious salads, wraps, juices, and more. Here are a few of them you should definitely check out!


Toss Salad Bar

Ordering your own customized salad has never been easier. At this aesthetic spot located in As Salama, you can opt for a salad specially made by you or pick an option from their freshly tossed menu. To make your own salad, grab their card, tick seven boxes for the seven steps, and relax as they make your salad on the spot! They also serve fresh juices to pair with them and sandwiches for some extra carbs. 

Instagram: toss.ksa


Boga Super Foods

A well-known establishment with more than fifteen locations all over Saudi Arabia, Boga is a go to for scrumptious salads, sandwiches, and more. They offer both brown and white bread and source only natural ingredients for all their items. The pesto chicken sandwich and Caesar salad are both crowd favorites, and they even serve vegan options like a grilled vegetable sandwich and berry salad. 

Instagram: boga_sa


Moonshell is one of the only fully vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Jeddah! Hidden away in Ar Rawdah, they have a multitude of dishes like a stack of pancakes topped with your favorite nut butters, chilled acai bowls sprinkled with granola and garnished with fresh fruit, and a variety of drinks, including iced coffee. Moonshell is a perfect spot for a breakfast that’ll get you energized and ready for the day! 

Instagram: moonshell_sa


Newly opened but quickly gaining popularity, Sprout is a charming place with an incredible variety of foods you wouldn’t even imagine were healthy. You can find wraps, salads, juices, soups, and others. For a morning wake-me-up, guzzle down one of their cayenne wellness shots, or for a salad at home, choose one of their fourteen salad dressings! Sprout also has Keto options, like their morning Keto salad that has beef bacon, feta cheese, and perfectly boiled eggs. Sprout is located in Az Zahra district. 

Instagram: sproutsalads.sa

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