Tamashee: Bringing The Madaas Back In Style

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 “Preserve Identity • Represent Culture • Color Lives”

Muneera Al Tamimi, Ali Al Youha, Mohammed Kazim and Amine Mamlouk have come together, as a creative design team, to bring back a traditional element of Arabian clothing to the spotlight.

The madaas, also known as najdeiya, na3l and zbairiya, has been given a modern fashionable makeover, allowing the masses to wear them in all types of occasions and environments. Bringing forward both a women’s and men’s collection, they are available in The Kingdom exclusively at Rubaiyat Jeddah and Harvey Nichols Riyadh.


Here is what you need to know about this Dubai-based brand, Tamashee, as they take the Arabian fashion scene by storm:
  • Leathers: Unlike many brands, Tamashee uses various leathers, even those that are deemed unusable. They utilize camel leather, which is often overlooked for its imperfections, cow leather for the inner sole to create comfort, lambskin for functionality (rings to join the sole with the upper shoe) and ostrich leather for color and texture.

  • Colors: Tamshee is all about vibrancy and bright colors. This is reflected in their recent collection; pinks, oranges, greens, yellows and mustards. An instant pop of color to complete simple outfits, adding modernity to any look be it traditional or casual. All shoes are handmade using natural dyes, and manufactured in Spain.

  • Teak wood: An Arabian staple wood was used to build stools at Tamshee’s launches. Fun fact: The stools used in their Dubai pop-up launch was used in their Jeddah launch. Saudi artist Mashail Bukhari, an Islamic Art graduate, was present at the Jeddah event and was showcasing her crafting talents.

  • Social causes: Tamashee’s founders emphasize the importance of supporting emerging talents in the Gulf area by collaborating with local artists. They also endeavor to increase awareness in regards to the Gulf’s rich history and traditions. Last, but not least, Tamashee is working to increase awareness and social understanding for those with special needs.

Instagram: Tamashee
Website: tamashee.com (online shopping)
KSA: Jeddah – Rubaiyat, Stars Avenue Mall

Riyadh – Harvey Nicols, Al Faisaliah Mall
Emirates: Dubai – Level Shoe District, The Dubai Mall
Qatar: Doha – 51 East, Lagoona Mall

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