Mobile Game Review: Crossy Road

Crossy road is one of the best examples to come to mind, on how to do a sweet and simple mobile game. Taking its idea from the classic game Frogger, in Crossy Road you help a chicken cross its way through a heavily trafficked street. Crossy Road builds on the simple mechanic by making the game endless.

The controls, as it always should be in mobile games, are very simple: tap to move forward, swipe to move right or left. The difficulty comes from the cars; different cars move in different speeds making it harder to pass through the street. The game is also populated with more obstacles such as: train, trailers and rivers that you have to cross by jumping your way through.2

The art direction in Crossy Road takes after its mechanics; simple yet beautiful. Everything is constructed of blocks; the green trees, the mountains, the building and even the characters. The art really shines through with the great use of colors and lighting. There are many thematically different levels to play; you’ll play in the green tree filled streets, or in the red mountains desert or even the Pac-Man theme level.

The game is mostly free but there are characters that you can acquire only by purchase. Other characters can be acquired via in-game coins; which you pick up from the ground as you play.3

In closing, Crossy Road is one of those simple thirty second burst mobile games. The game is fun, competitive and very well made.

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