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10 Easy Steps To Memorize The Quran

10 Easy Steps To Memorize The Quran
While many argue that once past youth one cannot memorize the Quran. While I do accept that it may be a bit more difficult but it’s definitely not impossible.

It all comes down to whether you have the determination and commitment to do so.

Contemplate on the reason that you are memorizing the Quran.
At the end of the day you are doing it to please Allah. Keep reminding yourself of that.
Start from the smaller Surahs before you go to the longer ones.
In most Quran memorization courses, they start with the 30th Juz – Juz Ama.
Devote a certain number of verses or parts of a page (e.g. half a page etc.) that you have to memorize per day.
Stick to the plan without fail, if you miss it one day, you may become susceptible to miss it again. So don’t set the number of ayahs to memorize everyday too high– something which you know you won’t be able to abide by.
Keep distractions away.
No mobile phones or other kinds of distractions. Try keeping a water bottle with you, so that you don’t have to get up to get water.
Memorize one line at a time.
Make sure you have learnt it by rote, before moving to the next one.
Listen to the surah again and again.
Download the Quran with audio on your phone; you can use the Ayat app for that. Just plug on your headphones and let it play – it will help in ingraining the Surah in your mind.
Find a person to whom you can recite it to.
This can be a relative of yours who lives in the same house as you.
Recite it regularly - at least once a month.
The people who have memorized the entire Quran normally recite the Quran from their memory twice per month.
Make Dua to Allah.
Pray to the Almighty to help you with your memorization.


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