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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

iDreamSky Partners with SCCC Alibaba Cloud to Bring Innovative Gaming Experience to Saudi Arabia

iDreamSky Partners with SCCC Alibaba Cloud to Bring Innovative Gaming Experience to Saudi Arabia

In a significant move at the LEAP Technology Exhibition, iDreamSky, a leading Chinese digital entertainment platform, joined forces with SCCC Alibaba Cloud, a cloud service provider co-founded by Alibaba Cloud and STC Group, along with eWTP Arabia Capital, SITE, and SCAI, signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The collaboration focuses on advancing video gaming and e-sports in line with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision for the gaming market.


Key Partners:
– iDreamSky
– SCCC Alibaba Cloud
– eWTP Arabia Capital
– Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE)
– Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)


Objectives of the Partnership:
1. Game Performance Enhancement: SCCC Alibaba Cloud will use top-tier cloud solutions to enhance iDreamSky’s game performance and user experience in Saudi Arabia.

2. Ecosystem Development: The partnership aims to boost iDreamSky’s Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and promote video game development capabilities, contributing to the growth of a thriving gaming ecosystem.

Jeff Lyndon, Co-founder and President of iDreamSky mentioned, “Calabiyau is more than a game; it’s a gateway to boundless adventures, presenting players with unprecedented possibilities. Our unveiling at LEAP in Riyadh signifies the beginning of our journey to share this extraordinary experience worldwide, starting with the dynamic Saudi Arabian market.”

Talal Albakr, CEO of SCCC Alibaba Cloud said, “Our collaboration with iDreamSky extends beyond infrastructure support; it’s about co-creating a vibrant gaming culture. By leveraging our resources, we aim to amplify iDreamSky’s presence in Saudi Arabia, enhancing the local gaming scene and exploring new cooperative ventures in the video game domain.”

iDreamSky introduced “Calabiyau” at LEAP, featuring the world’s first “stringed” gameplay combined with an ACG theme, which is set for a global launch in 2024, signifying iDreamSky’s commitment to internationalization and marking a new chapter in its quest for global recognition.

Moreover, iDreamSky, a leader in the Chinese digital entertainment platform, boasts over a decade of experience in the video game industry, with a rich portfolio of high-quality, self-developed games, profound R&D capabilities, and extensive marketing and operational experience.

iDreamSky’s debut at the Saudi technology event and subsequent collaborations with local enterprises aim to enhance the international appeal and competitiveness of iDreamSky’s offerings, paving the way for expansive growth globally.

This partnership signifies a leap forward in the gaming industry, bringing innovative experiences to Saudi Arabia and contributing to the kingdom’s vision for a flourishing gaming market.



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