Happiness is a Good Meal

Two Spoons presents: Sri Gowri Kkrishna.

Life in our little city of Manama is infectious and diverse, with so many people from all walks of life coming to shop, eat and even just enjoy the day out and about.

While driving around I had spotted a big restaurant with a plain green and white sign outside called Sri Kkrishna. That’s right, two K’s. We walked around for a while trying to find it – not wanting to give up our gold dust of a parking space – and eventually got there with half an hour to spare until they closed for the afternoon. Already fearing the worst – running out of food, no tables, etc. – I felt a little dejected.img_0255-7

Two seconds after opening the door, all my fears evaporated as the place was bustling away, the waiters were all smiling and friendly and the food looked amazing in the little thali trays that seemed to be on everyone’s table.

We went simple, with Mo ordering a thali (basically a selection of dishes featuring a range of flavors all served up in one platter) and me ordering my favorite chana masala (spiced chickpea dish)which was simply excellent. I am seriously considering doing a ‘Top 10 Chana Masala’ article in the future as every restaurant is just so different when it comes to this staple dish.img_0229-4

We sat in relative companionable silence doing our crossword as the throng of customers gradually subsided and the waiters began to clean up around us. I polished off the last of Mo’s gulab jamun and we paid up, feeling a thousand times better than we had an hour before. Isn’t it amazing what a good meal can do for your mind? Food really is the best medicine!


Lunch: Thali, Chana Masala, Chapatti =BD 2.500

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